Remember a few months ago when Andrew Breitbart’s website for angry neckbeards launched Breitbart California? And they kicked off the launch with some cool edgy posters of Nancy Pelosi’s face on Miley Cyrus’s body? And then there were the Abortion Barbie Wendy Davis posters, which totally made us want an Abortion Barbie? The artistic genius […]

You know what’s wonderful? Living in a post-racial America, where everyone is judged based on the content of their character and not the color of their skin. For example: Tucker Carlson is a dick not because of his race, but because he is a cosmic turd wrapped in leaking anal polyps sent here to punish […]

Pharrell Williams makes songs that shake booties, including the booty of excellent Congressman John Lewis. That’s great, but it doesn’t speak to Pharrell’s own political beliefs. Only Pharrell himself can do that, and blessed are we because he has recently spoken of them in some detail in GQ. He begins innocently enough: We’re about to […]

A federal judge dismissed a racial discrimination suit against Diabeetus Queen Paula Deen Monday, ruling that plaintiff Lisa Jackson, who is white, could not have been harmed by the use of racist epithets in the workplace by Deen and her brother Bubba Hiers (a story which Yr. Wonkette broke back in April 2012). District Court […]

We honestly do not think this lady was having any kind of Freudian slip or anything of that nature. I mean, we don’t know her; maybe when she is at home beating her children and dropkicking kittehs she likes to get on the horn with David Duke and everyone from the National Review Online and […]

Lest anyone think that the continued twitchings of the Breitbart Empire represent some sort of chant du cygne, the crew at Big Government want you to know that there’s a danse macabre in the old dame yet! That is to say, just as Dick Cheney continues to feed on the souls of the living, Ghost […]

“I didn’t think it’d be that big of a deal,” said this spritely lass when confronted with a news crew. Like, why are people all pissing and moaning, and why did she get fired from her job at Cold Stone Creamery, just because she said that someone should assassinate that “nigger” president? Like, what is […]

Have you finished with your shame spiral over the P-E-N-I-S lady, and how much fun you made of her and how you howled with laughter until we all realized huh, chick who sounds crazy was actually crazy? What were the odds??? Well here is a new lady for you to gawk over, and her name […]

It is now a fact of wiener face Rick Santorum’s life that every time he chews up his tongue during a speech and a few errant syllables sneak out, people will assume he was trying to stop himself from saying something racist mid-way through a word. This is Rick Santorum’s punishment from Jesus, for vanity, […]

You can just see how excited CNN was to do this, to celebrate the Journalistic Scoop of a 103-year-old black lady still driving her car with hip-hop rap lyrics, about driving cars! But then that rap song included the word “nigga,” so CNN’s fluff story about a nice old lady driving a car somehow managed […]

Might as well just quote it wholesale: “TEMPLE, Ga. — When you walk into the Georgia Peach Oyster Bar in Paulding County, you feel like you’ve walked into a different era. Behind the pool tables stands a mannequin in a Klu Klux Klan costume, but it’s what’s outside of the Patrick Lanzo’s restaurant that has […]

Linguistic smart-person Jay Nordlinger of National Review‘s The Corner — the #1 Internet blog — sees the future, of words, in a post today: “It could be that conservatives will ‘own the insult’ and use ‘teabagger’ as a badge of honor. It could become some proud conservative N-word. President Reagan said, ‘I’m a contra, too.’ […]


by Ken Layne

JESSE JACKSON IS A TRAITOR TO HIS RACE: While not-so-discreetly attacking Barack Obama, who also won South Carolina, Jesse Jackson said the most terrible word of all.