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Look At This Dumb Racist Trump Ambassador Getting Dunked On By Mean Dutch Reporters

Trump only hires the best people!

Michael Flynn’s #PizzaGate Loving Idiot Son In Big Trouble With Robert Mueller, Mister!

Go to your room, #PizzaGate Junior!

H.R. McMaster Fires NSC Staffer For Being Too Breitbarty Even For Trump Administration

Funny how these Breitbart loons keep turning up in the administration, huh?
Early draft obtained by Wonkette

Texas State Rep. Just Wants To Poll Muslims On How Terroristy They Are. Is That Wrong?

No wonder Texas loons weren't going insane about this last year. It's a biennial event.

James Comey Strikes Again (And Again And Again And Again)

We're pretty sure the FBI needs to GO TO JAIL.

Sad ‘Real World’ Republican Gets Laughed At On CNN At For Being Gullible Truther Idiot

Hello! And welcome to the world we live in now, in which reality television stars become politicians and it's not weird to go around publicly admitting belief in bizarre conspiracy theories! And where those things are often combined! What...
This is really going awfully well for him, isn't it?

Parents Of Dumb Muslim War Hero Continue Doing Terrorism To Donald Trump

Donald Trump's idiot attacks on Khizr and Ghazala Khan, the parents of Army Capt. Humayun S.M. Khan, have of course continued, because as everyone knows, you are not allowed to ever criticize Donald Trump without being subjected to a...
When in doubt, use this picture

Michele Bachmann Knows Jesus Told Her To Jump Huma Abedin’s Muslim Bones

Does Michele Bachmann regret being the most insane congresslady ever? Heck no, she was just doing the Lord's work!

Glenn Beck Fails To Drown Total Muslim Grover Norquist In Bathtub

Talk show has-been Glenn Beck has failed to kick tax-cut guru Grover Norquist out of the National Rifle Association for being a Muslim Brotherhood spy. It's like nobody wants to have a good paranoid purge anymore.

Ted Cruz Narrowly Escapes Jaws Of Muslim Brotherhood

It's a day, so Ted Cruz is being a dick. Monday morning, he told a gay man at a town hall in New York how much he loves religious liberty, and how it applies to EVERYBODY, including Christians, Jews, atheists, and...
Oh look, it's the new face of terror: A bright 14-year old. But he's Muslim!!!!!!!!

Wingnuts Have Had It With That Muslim Teen Terrorist Ahmed Mohamed And His ‘Science’

Of course there's a backlash. Couldn't possibly have any story about a Muslim kid mistakenly accused of making a hoax bomb and then showered with love from fellow geeks, and have that be the end of it. Gotta gin...
P.S. They ARE crackpots

Wingnut Birthers Prove Hillary Clinton’s Even More Secret Gay Muslim Than Obama

Oh, this again some more? Sure, because it never gets old! Wingnut birther Jerome Corsi and other wingnut birther and conspiracy theory generalist-at-large Alex Jones were having themselves a little girl talk, on the interweb, as they do. They...
History's Greatest Monster, 2016 Edition

National Review: But What About The Clintons’ Underage Sex Slaves And Russian Blackmail?

Conservatives have yet to uncover The Scandal that will, once and for all and forever, destroy history's greatest monsters, Bill and Hillary Clinton. Not for lack of trying -- for decades, with a bazillionteen dollars, and an army of...
Tahrir Square, 2013 (but definitely not 2011)

Louie Gohmert’s Movie Review: ‘Selma’ An Inspiring Reminder To Fear Muslims

Texas Congressmaroon Louie Gohmert saw a movie about the Civil Rights Movement, and it so inspired him that he just had to tell the world about its inspiring message about the need to defeat Radical Islam. "I thought about the...
Why can't we have a nice military dictator too?

Republicans Have Massive Freedom Boner For Egypt’s Dictator

Attention, Wonkers: We're proud to announce that the American right has a new Strongman Boyfriend! They seem to have a real crush on Egyptian President Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who seized power in the 2013 coup against Mohammed Morsi....
She's real something all right

A Children’s Treasury Of ‘Normal Real Person’ Michele Bachmann

While watching soon-to-be-former-Rep. Michele Bachmann tell the Values Voter Summit Friday morning that she is a "normal real person," the sense of just how great a source of comedy we are losing with her upcoming retirement really hit home. Is there...