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Tag: mushrooms

Probably not kosher, if you know what we mean (and we think you do)

Weird Sex Mushrooms Give Ladies Spontaneous Orgasms (Or Not): Your Saturday Nerdout

A happy Saturday to you, oh Nerdlings of Wonkette! We've got pornographic mushrooms (maybe), scientific proof of aliens (probably not), leftist comic books (hardly even), and a homemade Starship Enterprise (definitely!), plus much more for you this week! 'Orgasm...

Thanksgiving Ain’t Over Until The Turkey Tetrazzini Sings

Do you still have turkey leftovers? Great. Let's get rid of it already, with the American comfort classic Turkey Tetrazzini. It's a pasta casserole with mushrooms, leftover turkey, frozen peas, and a cream sauce. You can do a shortcut and...

Science Finds Simple Source of ‘Lasting Happiness,’ So It’s Completely Illegal To Have It

Do you want "lasting happiness"? It is available to everyone! There are two doorways to this "measurable personality change" that stays with people pretty much forever. The first is arduous and requires a good deal of natural empathy and...