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Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-The Taliban) Gets No Respect From Afghanistan

“Surfin’ Congressman” Dana Rohrabacher is apparently up to his old tricks, just cold bashin’ Afghanistan and explaining why Hamid Karzai needs to let more warlords help him run their gubmint, and Karzai, he is not pleased by this, and he will not let Rohrabacher into the country! Hey, Ol’ Clown Shoes can’t get no respect! But did you know poor Rohrabacher — much loved in Orange County, California, for being hilariously drunk all the time, including almost sliding from his barstool one night at the same time your editrix had the rare privilege of speaking the never-before uttered words, “Congressman Rohrabacher, this is Jan from the Vandals” — is also a huge Taliban lover and has been writing odes on their beauty forever? Did you know he once said of the Taliban “These gentlemen are the equivalent of America’s founding fathers”? Cause yeah, he totally did that. Read more on Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-The Taliban) Gets No Respect From Afghanistan…