Sure, that Vanity Fair piece out today was sort of poorly sourced (although still fun!), but isn’t that allegation that Sarah Palin maybe doesn’t do her own tweets kinda damning? So how does “Sarah” address this? “Media goofballs.” “Cake ink.” The end.

Oh look, Twitter, Sarah Palin is here to tell us that the media is being silly about her pal @beck’s rally. What’s that silly media? You say @beck is the Twitter handle not of Glenn Beck but of the multi-instrumentalist musicman Beck? Sounds like you’re just relying on your eyes and ears again, like idiots.

Here is Katie Couric running through a script about Sarah Palin the day John McCain picked her as his running mate and—OH NO—she says the same thing about Sarah Palin’s children that has been said by every person ever. Why does she hate Trig so much? Stop making fun of him, Katie! See, she hates […]

Yes, here is a person in serious contention for U.S. Senate, wondering why the press does not write the things she wants them to write and help her raise money. Why is it that the media thinks it has a different role than Teabagger websites? That is not very nice, you guys. Territory folks should […]

Boy howdy, this March 4th edition (how??) of The New Republic is a real piece of work! Here’s an interesting snippet from an editorial titled “MSM, RIP,” by The Editors: “On The Huffington Post and its ilk, you would find rants about how ‘Beltway media really makes no effort to do anything other than parrot […]

MEDIA  11:09 am August 11, 2006

How To: Blow Shit Up

by Alex Pareene