Too bad we haven’t yet made our big move to Detroit, because this International Conference on Men’s Issues that was held there this weekend sounds like a total hoot. Who wouldn’t have fun in a roomful of angry shut-ins embittered because the harlot to whom they had entrusted their bank accounts and their mighty seed […]

You know, you’d think after one of their ilk murdered six people — men AND ladies — just a wee bit ago and was fueled by their signature disgusting froth of misogyny and self-loathing, the Men’s Rights Activists people (and oh, do we use the term “people” loosely) would be laying low, but that is […]

What time is it? It’s time for us to check in with Thought Catalog, the endless river of unfiltered derp. It’s like Reddit meets Buzzfeed over there, and we can always find something ridiculous. Today, let’s check out super Men’s Rights Activist dude who will type at you about female privilege. Before we get into […]

Dudes, are you feeling sadbashed by feminism, what with its telling ladies they can do what they want and aren’t bound by some nonsense biological imperative bullshit? Ladies, do you wish that some onetime hipster who has aged well out of cultural relevance would explain to you what you really want? Of course you do. […]

You know how men are the real victims of domestic violence and rape and sexism and discrimination and everything else? Hey, stop laughing, it’s true! It says so on some websites created by men for men. It is a FACT that since creation, women have ruled everything and forced the weaker sex — men, obviously […]

Roosh is a cool dude. He is a pickup artist Mens’ Rights Activist who will take a break from boning all the world’s hottest women to teach you how to rape Ukrainian girls or something. But Roosh is sad we guess, maybe his pageviews are not everything he would like them to be, but he […]

Here is something that the Internet went and puked up on our digital doorstep a few days back: a collection of Microsoft Office-based editorial artwork designed to provide inspiration and motivation to “The Manosphere.” And what is the “Manosphere?” We’ll let the anti-MRA blog Manboobz do the ‘splainin: The Manosphere: The loose collection of blogs, […]