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It’s Your Super Duper Mega-Nice 2016 Ultimate Nice Time Compendium!

We could all use some Nice Time about now. Here, have a whole lot of it.

John Kasich Will Underpants Gnome His Way To GOP Nomination, You’ll See

John Kasich is a man with a (bad) plan to (not) win the Republican primary, y'all. He knows you don't actually have to win the primary to Win The Primary. See, if Donald Trump doesn't reach the 1,237 delegate threshold required...
The spire of One World Trade Center was lit in the French flag's colors Friday

Today We Are All Parisians. But Some Of Us Are Complete Idiots.

It's the day after another horrible massacre, and we've now entered the "We know most of the basics" phase, while for many, the "let's make political hay out of this" phase got rolling within the first hour. The "shock,...

Ghost Mr. Rogers Will Help Save PBS From That Mean Old Mitt Romney

Duh, everybody freaking out about Homeless Big Bird, axing PBS has been dogma on the Right for decades. Everybody in this glorious nation may be shocked at Miffed Romney's...