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Here Are Some Additional Disney Princesses For Fox News To Worry About

  all the Pretty Princesses

It’s awfully nice of Fox News to take a break from bashing the socialist tyranny of Michelle Obama’s insistence that children try eating the occasional carrot and ...


Let Us Watch The Trailer For Errol Morris’s Documentary About Donald Rumsfeld And Seethe Together

  unknown knowns that know knowns...oh screw it

I cut way back on my moviegoing at least a decade ago because after several years of living and working in Hollywood and seeing how the sausage gets made, so many ...


Jon Stewart Literally Eviscerates Fox News, Stephen Colbert Feeds Chris Christie To Rabid Polecats


Sundays With The Christianists: U.S. History Textbooks That Save Homeschoolers From Socialist Lies About The Great Depression

  happy days are here again

I'm ready for my closeup, Dorothea LangeMOAR WORDS!