Well, thank goodness the wingnutosphere has finally found an angle on this NSA story that makes them feel all special and put-upon! In a story that has absolutely nothing to do with the recent flap over PRISM, BLARNEY, and SMERSH, here is the headline — from nominal business site and wingnut clearinghouse “Investor’s Business Daily” […]

You probably heard that terrorists murdered a British soldier in London Wednesday, and of course it goes without saying that attacking people with machetes and meat cleavers to make a political statement is pretty much the definition of Very Wrong. Unless of course you’re the English Defence League, the gang of super-literate racist goons who […]

Do you have faith in your fellow (hu)man today?  If so, do you want it shattered real fast, somewhere within the next 250 words? AWESOME because Wonkette is here to help! Turns out that there was some sort of Conservative confab in Colorado a few days ago called the Western Conservative Summit, wherein conservative lawmakers […]

It just focus grouped better, what. [Fox Nation via reallyfoxnews Tumblr]

“We’ll stop you next time, Muslim Americans!” is what wingnuts in Tennessee are saying right now, because in a brave act of reason, a Rutherford County judge decided that despite the constant nagging of crazy people with an interesting perspective on America’s freedoms, he would like to continue to provide Muslims with religious freedom. A […]

Muslim leaders are upset that a homeowner who lives next door to a newly opened mosque has posted a sign on his front lawn that reads “Bomb Making Next Driveway.” Are they upset that the front yard didn’t specify what kind of bombs they’re making? Stop being so vain, Muslims! Your Sharia bombs will kill […]

You know what sometimes happens when people try to scare wingnuts by saying Dearborn, Michigan is a dangerous city full of Muslins that is trying to impose Shariah law on us all? Sometimes, an old white guy decides it needs to be blown up. Weird, huh? It’s like, How would such a person make a […]

A new mosque is going to be built in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, despite the lawsuits of some angry Tennesseans, because a judge overruled this Christian nation’s age-old and CONSTITUTIONAL freedom to stop Muslims from being Muslim. That’s right, some people in Tennessee who are NOT white Christians are going to be allowed to worship non-Christian entities […]

Did you know that this is the summer of the mosque? So says important daily journalism product The Washington Post, because of a zoning debate in a city several hundred miles away from where the Post’s subscriber base is centered. Naturally, the best way for them to exploit this summer theme for massive readership was […]

You may have heard there is a random pastor guy in Florida who decided he’s gonna burn hisself a whol’ bunch ‘er K-rans on 9/11! Wow! Big news! Random American hicks hate things that are not like them! But our media saw this and decided everyone looooooved that mosque story so much that this man […]

We all know that 9/11 is the best holiday ever. It’s like Christmas and the Fourth of July and Halloween combined! Dick Cheney is alive right now just because he willed himself to see another 9/11. But according to Politico, who have labeled the situation “awkward,” like a 19-year-old coed, Barack Obama has nowhere to […]

We all know that Orrin Hatch loves Judaism and singing about his favorite holiday, Hanukkah. But apparently he loves all other religions too. And thus he supports the rights of Muslims to build a community center in Manhattan, if they want to, he said in an interview with a Utah Fox affiliate. No biggie. “And […]

“A Free Society And The Muslim Conundrum: accept us or we will kill you”: Hmm, that sounds like the title of a detached, logic-based RedState post about the reality of all this mosque stuff that finally, hopefully seems to be ending. And look, it is! It manages to justify hatred of Muslims with other things, […]

How embarrassing! Rep. John Fleming of Louisiana was having his diaper changed by David Vitter in front of the “Republican Women of Bossier” when he implied that Democrats are all atheists and thus it is impossible to have bipartisanship. “We have two competing world views here and there is no way that we can reach […]

It’s time for another installment of Burn Yer Queeran, where we talk about “Islamophobia, American-style” in bullet-point format. Is everyone psyched to learn about the latest trends in bigotry? Awesome! Let’s proceed, then.