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Tag: morton downey jr.

It was a trap, obviously

New Jersey Pastor Fakes ‘Muslim’ Attack On Self, For ‘Personal’ Reasons

A pastor in Somerset County, New Jersey, did a really crappy job of faking a hate crime against himself last Friday, according to local officials. Rev. Jairon Pena of the New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church was found by Somerset...

Racial Mugging Victim Helpfully Twittered Her Terrible Tale

Is this even possible, the lameness of this? Here we have a screenshot of this gal's Twitter feed, on a college Republicans' site called "Life In The Field," presumably about GOP volunteer kids. All 50 of them! Oh and...

GOP Gal Claims Savage Negro Mugged Her … For Obama!

Never mind the murdered black bear covered in Obama signs, the 78-year-old black Baptist preacher and Army veteran whose Obama sign was replaced with a Confederate flag, the mass tire-slashings of cars parked at Obama rallies, or the "Kill...