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Tag: mormons

Nice Mormon Lady Ditches Tabernacle Choir, Will Not ‘Throw Roses At Hitler’

Poor Donald Trump. Poor poor Donald Trump.
This election is going better than 2008, we think.

LOL Hillary Clinton Might Win Sarah Palin’s Alaska

Hillary is playing in LOTS of red states right now. LOL!

President Barry Bamz Obama Will Rock Your Face Off In New Hillary Clinton Ad

If you don't vote for Hillary Clinton, President Obama will BEAT YOUR ASS.

Wonkagenda: Wednesday, October 12, 2016

You get in here and read your news brief, RIGHT NOW!

Fugitive Polygamous Cult Leader Maybe Isn’t On The Lam. Maybe Just Got Raptured!

Lyle Jeffs of the FLDS church has been on the lam since June.

Wonkagenda: Tuesday, August 9, 2016

You get in here and read your newz breif, RIGHT NOW!

Can This Nice Trans Lady Beat Gross Teabagger GOP Sen. Mike Lee In November?

Misty K. Snow MAKES HISTORY as the first major party trans U.S. Senate Candidate. Hooray, Misty!

Bundy Bro Arrested For Trying To Blow Up A Building! But Don’t Worry, He’s A ‘Patriot’

Just the latest example of 'Crazy Ass White Dude Terrorism.'

Can Either Of These Total Newbies Beat Loathsome Utah Teabagger Mike Lee? Your Senate Sunday

You know what would be cool? Utah -- for godssakes UTAH -- nominating the nation's first transgender major party candidate for Senate.

This Utah Republican Publicly Mourning Gay Orlando Victims Will Make You Ugly Cry

Yes, a Utah Republican, that is not a typo, we said that correctly.

LOL Hillary Clinton Might Beat Donald Trump In Utah

So who would have guessed that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are tied in the deep red state of Utah? You go, Beehive State!

Feds Won’t Let Polygamous Mormon Cult Have Child Brides OR Child Slaves? What Gives?

Why yes, these people are up to some weird shit again.

Utah Republican Wishes Porn Would Stop Forcing Utah Republican To Watch Porn

Know those hilarious statistics that say the most sexxx porn is watched by residents of the most conservative states, like Utah? We're not a social scientist, but we'd guess it has something to do with how if something is intensely condemned by...

Brigham Young University So Mad At Rape Victim For Failing To Uphold Honor Code

There are a lot of hard things about being a Mormon. Probably having doors constantly slammed in your face is pretty unpleasant, as is having to go through life without coffee. Also, there appears to be no small amount...

Chick Who Maybe Banged Ted Cruz Pretty Sure His Uggo Wife Deserves What She Gets

Hey, you remember Katrina Pierson? That insane lady what goes on the television and says Donald Trump is dreamy, and who maybe allegedly according to the National Enquirer let Ted Cruz put his tiny Canadian maple leaf-flavored erection inside her vagina....