Hello, have you met the Republican wingnuts on the House Science Committee? They include: Paul Broun, who has told supporters that evolution and the big bang theory “are lies straight from the pit of hell,”  and Dana Rorhabacher, who once suggested that temperature fluctuations on earth millions of years ago can be traced to dinosaur flatulence. There is also […]

Let’s all cue this video up to 1:40. Yes, this atheist is rather dumb, because he doesn’t seem to understand either: The Moon creates the tides. It’s called “gravity,” a revolutionary new theory. Will NASA please tow the Moon away from Earth so we can show Bill O’Reilly his single belief is incorrect? Hopefully in […]

About two-hundred years ago, our enemies The Rooskies put an alive dog in a space capsule and shot it into orbit, for laughs. Russians have a very dark sense of humor. But Americans — especially the kind of Americans who run things, in Washington — do not have any sense of humor at all. Instead […]

Sarah Palin reminds Jews of the real meaning of Passover: America, 9/11 and Support The Troops! [Weekly Standard] And over here we have a children’s treasury of all the mundane things Barack Obama has been constitutionally required to look at while pretending not to be bored to the max. [The Daily Dish] China executed more […]

It’s not Iran, but the Washington Post editorial board should be pleased to know that we’re bombing the dickens out of something: “NASA’s going for full impact Friday, firing a bomb-laden missile at the moon in a dramatic search for water. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is sending its Lunar CRater Observing and Sensing […]

Hmm… we’re not going to offer our opinion on the matter until we hear what Bill Kristol has to say about this. [CNN]

Oh well looky here! Two (2) brave Wonkette readers have sent us photographs of the night sky showing a frowning Space Jesus in North America and a happy lil’ Sky Monster in “the nation most likely to be confused with Thailand.” To your left you see the adorable Taiwanese sky, pictured at about 7:30pm local […]

GOD HATES AMERICA  1:52 pm December 1, 2008

by Ken Layne

SPACE JESUS WILL FROWN AT YOU TONIGHT!!! Here’s a fun astronomical thing you can enjoy even if you live in the filthy light-polluted city: Figure out how to go outside and look at the sky, to the south (Google can help you find “south,” maybe!), about 20 minutes after sundown, and you will see what […]

PENTAGON  12:06 am February 21, 2008

by Ken Layne