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  tonight's sotu will be delivered by the duck dynasty guy

The State Of The Union Is … Sort Of Petulant Really, When You Think About It. A Wonket Live-Bloog.

Hello all! Whatcha doing this evening? Anything going on? Oh, it is the State of the Union, or, as we call it in momma’s house, time to turn this bitch out? Hahahah, just kidding, there will be no pimping because there are no ads in January; all the ad people shot their wads in the War on Christmas. We can have traffic from here to Tuesday — thanks Google! — and the only thing you’ll be feeding is our ego. Which is good enough for us. So you pre-gamed? Got your slosh on? Cool. Be sure to slur hello at whatever special secret guests we’ve got for you tonight probably (we’re guessing; usually people just kind of show up). And what have we got to serve up for now? A little bit of shittiness, just to get you in the mood. Jesus Christ, Monica Crowley, you’re mad because he is wearing a tie? And how loud would the shitstream from your facehole be if he actually weren’t? CAN YOU HEAR YOU? Only three more years of these totally sane sorts of reactions to a thoughtful and congenitally moderate center-right president and then we can all leave this long national nightmare behind with President Bobby Jindal, hooray! Read more on The State Of The Union Is … Sort Of Petulant Really, When You Think About It. A Wonket Live-Bloog….
  Spotlight on Civility

A Children’s Treasury of Butthurt Reactions To Joe Biden’s Debate Demeanor

Say, did you notice that Joe Biden was just a little interrupty in the VP Debate? We are given to understand that Old Handsome Joe’s performance made a bit of a stir among some of the more sensitive souls on the right side of the political spectrum. (You see, when a Republican puts on an angry threat display, it proves his “alpha male” status. When a Dem does something similar, it is the end of civility as we know it, and poo must be flung.) The Wingosphere is experiencing such a tsunami of tsuris over Mean Joe that we can only skim the surface in this post; no doubt we will miss some of your personal favorites. So it goes. Let’s see whose delicate sensibilities have been ruffled by the Veep-Hulk: Read more on A Children’s Treasury of Butthurt Reactions To Joe Biden’s Debate Demeanor…
  war on engagements

Sandra Fluke Engagement Leads To Even More Hilarious Jokes

To a man?”Sandra Fluke Announces Engagement” — Monica Crowley (@MonicaCrowley) April 26, 2012 Did you hear that free sex-pill devourer Sandra Fluke is getting engaged? Whatever. But here’s Fox News/Washington Times mistake Monica Crowley making history’s funniest joke, ever. “To a man?” Ha ha ha ha! OH, YOU. (“To a man?”, she tweets.) Read more on Sandra Fluke Engagement Leads To Even More Hilarious Jokes…

Gossip Roundup: ‘Cozying Ever Closer’

* Reliable Source: Rep. Cynthia McKinney reportedly “stabbed” Capitol Hill officer with her cellphone; her new haircut may have caused the confusion. . . Final Four lawmakers put hometown bets on the NCAA game. [WP] * Under the Dome: DSCC jumps on Sen. George Allen for saying the Senate is “too slow for me.” [The Hill] * Inside the Beltway: Twenty-two House Republicans seek a review of federally funded sex-ed programs. [WT] * Page Six: Rush Limbaugh gives “private pointers” to Monica Crowley. . . “Good Morning America” producer who knocked Bush in a leaked email also wrote of Madeleine Albright‘s “Jew shame.” [NYP] * Ben Widdicombe’s Gatecrasher: Rupert Murdoch and his New York Post are “cozying ever closer” to Hillary. [NYDN] Read more on Gossip Roundup: ‘Cozying Ever Closer’…