mona charen

Alert HNTP tipster Niki P. has reminded us July is not the dead zone of professional sports we claimed it was yesterday. Women play sports too, and seeing as it’s the 15th anniversary of Brandi Chastain scandalizing America by revealing her sports bra, we think it is appropriate to devote this session of Man Time […]

Looking forward to 2014? Already planning your big vacation? Decided which cruise you’re going to go on? Probably not, because you’re probably having an incredibly difficult time deciding between the Duck Dynasty cruise or the National Review cruise, or shooting yourself in the head. Yes, yes, we know. In past years, you’ve made sure to […]

“What do you suppose are the chances,” wonders Townhall columnist Mona Charen, that the Cartagena Dozen or whatever, like and watch porn? It’s very important that we talk about this, says Ms. Charen, because if we can just know this one thing, maybe it explains everything, and if we can stop porn, maybe we can […]