Have you seen that ADORABLE ad, about how moms are unpaid slaves and what kind of idiot would take a job as one? Here, watch all 14 hours because apparently Ghost Andy Warhol is making greeting card viral videos now. (My mom: “I watched ‘Empire’ in the theater. It was WONDERFUL.” My mom is a […]

Hey y’all! Remember Jenna “The Drunk One” Bush? That cowgirl was a pile of good times, yeehaw! Well, she went and got married? And worked for the Peace Corps or something if we remember right we are not looking it up? And then she got a job as a “correspondent” on the Today show because […]

It’s hard out there these days for America’s once proud population of deranged racists. They made the mistake of getting their hopes up that the nice Mormon fellow might finally boot the “boy” out of the White House, only to be miserably crushed by the combined forces of New Black Panther Party and Nate Silver […]

Hey there fellow mommybloggers! Remember that time your DC (DARLING CHILD, IDIOTS) had a slumber party and you let them stay up and gallivant about until finally, at four in the morning, you busted into their room screaming like a crack mom to SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP because they were fighting and yelling […]

Here is Dr. Keith Ablow, on Fox & Friends, blowing a Bill O’Reilly-like gasket at the state of the world today, as evidenced by — you may want to escort all children and pregnant women from the room — a mom buying a doll for her son. OH SHIT! GENDER-QUEERS! Now all boys are gonna […]