We even asked our brother-in-law who lives in the state where this Tim Pawlenty is supposedly the governor or the state president or whatever, and our brother-in-law was all, “Nope. Haven’t heard of him.” But our iPhone just beeped with the little pop-up news alert from the New York Times. And instead of being about […]

Oh look, Twitter, Sarah Palin is here to tell us that the media is being silly about her pal @beck’s rally. What’s that silly media? You say @beck is the Twitter handle not of Glenn Beck but of the multi-instrumentalist musicman Beck? Sounds like you’re just relying on your eyes and ears again, like idiots.

Every single thing on the RNC’s newish web site is eventually removed, in shame, 12-24 hours after it is introduced, so it is sad but unsurprising that GOP.am—that’s GOP.com’s fashionable “conservative URL” handle—has been incinerated, kind of.

What is the most wasteful kind of big government stimulus spending of all? It is all the money that Obama allocated for places that don’t actually exist, like Arizona’s 15th district. (Seriously: “Arizona”!!) In fact, Recovery.gov listed a bunch of statistics about jobs that were created and saved in places that aren’t even real. “We […]

In a way, this actually somehow seems promising. Oh but before you go, Michael Steele has a question! (SPOILER ALERT IT’S “WHAT UP?”)

It begins thusly: Bill O’Reilly announces that it is a good thing the public option is dead, because now the President can work on making sure the government will start to provide cost-effective, reliable health care for people who cannot afford private insurance. And then some gal from the Heritage Foundation is like, “Hmm, are […]

So there is this Democratic paraphernalia vendor called Tigerye Design, and they sell buttons and other crap. One such button, briefly available for purchase on their site, showed Barack Obama and Idaho Bathroom Goblin Larry Craig instead of Obama and Idaho Senatorial candidate Larry LaRocco. So until the vendor pulled it, a button was available […]

The national press corps is not used to covering a “confident” Democratic presidential candidate, at least in this decade. So much confidence, in fact, that the candidate won’t always bend over backwards to talk to the press, or to leak internal drama to the press! Ergo, the press has decided that Obama is arrogant. And […]

WONKETTE  3:35 pm September 28, 2006

We Fucked Up

by Alex Pareene

CONGRESS  9:54 am September 27, 2006

Jean Schmidt Disappoints Us, Nation

by Alex Pareene