Let’s have a half-round of applause for the brave souls in the Tennessee House of Representatives, who boldly voted Wednesday to express “profound regret” for both slavery and for segregation, although the chamber couldn’t quite bring itself to actually apologize for either. Baby steps, right? After all, just like the Florida Congresscritter who’s unsure whether […]

This week, we’ll wrap up our rightwing Christian-school textbooks’ version of the 1960s as they actually happened — not the way the liberal media would have you believe — with a look at the Civil Rights movement, which¬†is ¬†pretty good timing considering this week’s 50th anniversary of the signing of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. […]

Remember way back in February when we all got excited that Jan Brewer showed a modicum of human decency and vetoed Arizona’s “let institutionalize and business-ize hate against the gays” law? Looks like we started to rest on our laurels, got soft, failed to be eternally vigilant, and we didn’t pay attention to Mississippi, where […]

We do not need to tell you that abstinence-based sex education — or no sex education at all — does not work, mostly because you are all people that (1) are not teenagers and (2) can’t keep it in your pants anyway. In past years, the great state of Mississippi taught next to nothing about […]

Let’s take a moment to remember somebody who we just heard about for the first time yesterday when we saw the news that he’d died: Jackson, Mississippi, Mayor Chokwe Lumumba, who died suddenly Tuesday of unknown causes. Seriously, Jackson Freaking Mississippi had a mayor who was born in 1947 with the name “Edwin Taliaferro,” but […]

This Mississippi Republican state Sen. Chris McDaniel, who has big dreams of being in the US of America Senate one day if he can primary that dirty liberal hippie Sen. Thad Cochran (R-Not Actually A Dirty Liberal Hippie) out of the way, sure seems like a real winner, at least by Mississippi standards. He loves […]

Mississippi Sen. Roger Wicker (R – Buried Tire Fire) just wants to know why, in this mean old world, we can’t all get along. Perhaps tired of only coming up in internet searches as “the other guy who got Ricin letters from that one nutcase,” Wicker spoke up the other day for the plight of […]

We would like to take a moment to thank the community of Tupelo, Mississippi, for giving us Elvis Presley, that strange Van Morrison song about honey, and now, all these years later, the chicken-fried braintrust of Paul Kevin Curtis and James Everett Dutschke. The only surprise about these gentlemen is that Curtis, the Elvis (and […]

Remember last week when someone mailed a letter containing ricin to President Obama and a Mississippi senator, and it was only about the tenth-most-interesting story going on at the time? And then the guy accused of doing it, Paul Kevin Curtis, turned out to be nuttier than a bag of nuts? And then the cops […]

Authorities released Elvis impersonator Paul Kevin Curtis — despite the fact that he has three first names — from custody today. He was charged last week with sending envelopes containing ricin to President Obama and some Mississippi senator or other. Details of his release are not yet available, but you know it was because dude […]

So it turns out that Paul Kevin Curtis, the Tupelo, Mississippi, guy arrested yesterday for (allegedly) sending letters containing ricin to President Obama and to Sen. Roger Wicker, is a real piece of work. It would appear that, in addition to urging Ted Nugent to run for President and worrying that the liberal media covering […]

Welp, just finished up watching MAD BAMZ shame and scold and lecture and BULLY the United States Senate for kowtowing to the NRA — and Mad Bamz is, of course, our favorite Bamz, as he makes us feel less alone. (Fox, of course, didn’t run Bamz at all; you’d think they’d have jumped at the […]

Your Wonkette loves a fun fact, so we were thrilled to learn that a new study has revealed the “least free” state in the nation. Who can guess which state has the most FEMA concentration camps per capita? Twenty points and a bag of Bill O’Reilly’s used loofahs to the winner! Let’s first review the […]

In the Dan Brown novel that is the Mississippi legislature, we have five dead in a matter of months. Now, a Mississippi lawmaker has been found dead of a single gunshot wound at the home of another (former) Mississippi legislator, and the wingnuts of Before It’s News have a theory that in no way has […]

So, simply because enough fucking people are not already TALKING ABOUT THE GODDAMN SODAS, here is this thing: Mississippi’s legislature has overwhelmingly passed and sent to Governor Lardstick McGoober a bill that will explicitly ban any municipality from discouraging its citizens from eating like gross disgusting pigs, for FREEDOM. The law, informally known as the […]