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Tag: misogynists

Trump Will Save America From The Scourge Of Male Nurses, Says Moron

Is this yr Wonkette's secret admirer? MAYBE! XOXOXO

Loser Dudes Who Harass Ladies Online Are Micropenis Losers In Real Life Too, Says Science

Are you ready for WONKET SCIENCE KORNER? Of course you are, because we are liberals and we love science! Let's look at theĀ Washington Post to find out what Studies Show today, oh look, Studies Show that if you are...

C-SPAN Hero Brian Lamb Grills Ross Douthat About His Scorn For Women On The Pill

It is nerd Christmas here at Wonkette, because the incomparable Brian Lamb has read a particularly tawdry headline from our humble site to the subject of that tawdry headline on his book show, "Q&A." We refer, of course, to...

Misogynist Neck-Beard Ross Douthat Shares His Sexy Stories

Everybody was so excited when what's his name, Atlantic child wonder Ross Douthat, got Bill Kristol's spot in the New York Times. We're still kind of angry about the NYT taking away one of our easiest weekly comedy bits,...