Beer. As the great philosopher said, it is the cause of and solution to all life’s problems. And one brave man was trying to make it easier for people to cause and/or solve problems, by using good ol’ American ingenuity to find a better, faster, easier way to get your frothy goodness to you. From […]

Here is Fox & Friends’ Heather Nauert on the teevee yesterday, explaining how “sharia law” is taking over, because a YMCA in Minneapolis-St. Paul is going to hold a girls-only swim class one hour a week, providing Somali refugee girls the chance to learn to swim. BUT! Since men won’t be allowed in the pool […]

A Minnesota school bus driver — who’s also a pastor at two Minneapolis churches — was fired from his bus-driving job last week for mixing up his two occupations. Needless to say, he believes that interfering with his evangelizing to a captive audience of children on a bus is a violation of his First Amendment […]

The Republican Party of Chisago County, Minnesota, posted this awesome satirical image on its Facebook page for a few hours Wednesday, then removed it — and the entire Facebook page, for a while — before posting an apology, saying that the posting was “not representative of our party.” Aw, come on, guys, enough Republicans have […]

While the mayoral election in Minneapolis has attracted a bit more attention for its wide variety of oddballs (especially lake-coffee man Jeff Wagner), St. Paul has its own stable of “characters” too. So here is St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman — the incumbent, which is something that Minneapolis does not have in its election — […]

OK, sure, we’re sad about the little kids not getting food, and not being able to go to Head Start, but now this shutdown thing is getting serious: NBC reports that the government shutdown has closed an obscure agency that approves new breweries, recipes and labels, which could create huge delays throughout the rapidly growing […]

As a perfect finale to the American Library Association’s Banned Books Week, we have this story from New Ulm, Minnesota: a New Ulm Actors Community Theater production of the 1955 play Inherit the Wind had to be cancelled after fundamentalist Lutherans made life miserable for the play’s director and several actors. These are the fire-breathing […]

A Chaska, Minnesota, family is just not having a good week when it comes to accidentally shooting each other. It’s kind of hard for Yr Wonkette to really identify with, what with not owning a gun and all, which means we are apparently missing out on all the awesome self-protection and unintended flesh wounds, not […]

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Sharia) can actually sing and play a guitar pretty well, and here he serves up a helping of progressive hero Woody Guthrie in celebration of Minnesota’s brand-new marriage equality law, which went into effect at midnight. At Minneapolis City Hall, Mayor R.T. Rybak performed the first of 42 marriages of same-sex couples […]

We sure will miss Michele Bachmann, Empress of Crazytown, when she leaves the House of Representatives to more intimately torture the people of Minnesota on a daily basis. But until she leaves, she is determined to utter every nonsensical thing possible, in hopes of making the life of Yr Wonkette all that much better. Today’s […]

Minnesota performance artist Michele Bachmann sat down with WND to explain how Congress needs to “spank the President” and take away his “magic wand” before he grants voting rights to illegal aliens. Again. Buried lede: the double entrendres aren’t even the craziest part of this story! No, the main thing is that Michele Bachmann says […]

What is even going on in this picture? LIKE WE ARE SUPPOSED TO KNOW. Jesus, people, our Wonkgy in Minneapolis was AT LEAST five months ago now. (And then there was Des Moines, and then there was Norman, and then there was Dallas, and MY GOD, IT NEVER ENDED. Oh that’s right, it did end, […]

OK, it’s your turn, Wonkconsin and Wonkesota! The Wonk Your Brains Out Midwest-Southwest Orgy and World Tour is in your neck of the woods! Tonight, Friday June 14, 6 p.m.: Madison, Wisconsin. (Can someone invite Scott Walker? Or the Tank Riot guys?) Harmony, 2201 Atwood Ave., Madison, WI 53704 (608) 249-4333

It takes a big woman to admit both her poor electoral chances and the investigation into all her crimes, in the first minute and a half of her speech announcing her upcoming retirement, or else it takes an amateurish speechwriter who isn’t really aware of stuff like “not bringing up poor electoral chances and the […]

Don’t look now, kids, but Virginia has turned the corner and gone nuts.  Seriously, it has gone It-Puts-The-Lotion-On-Its-Skin crazy. In just the past week, it has come to light that GOP nominees to state office and elected officials want to: force women who have miscarriages to report it to law enforcement officers; compared Planned Parenthood […]