The fun libertarians (just kidding) at Reason have a big new poll out about Millennials — okay, not “about” Millennials, as in that case the answer would just be “Millennials suck,” but rather asking Millennials for their “thoughts” about “stuff.” Luckily, the poll confirms everything we have been saying about them since 1986 or so: […]

Looks like the NRA’s exciting new Young Fresh Face, Colion Noir, has gotten himself a hip new official NRA webcast where he can Gun It Up for a new generation of gun fondlers. Mr. Noir, the hot sensation of YouTube videos where he shoots every gun ever made, is here to make shootin’ irons hip, […]

When we were young people, we would have blanched at the thought of our potential boss calling our parents about our potential job, though it is tough to imagine the CEO of Starbuck would have called Mom about our barista gig. But this is now a thing bosses do, and thing millennials like. We are […]

Would you like to know what Bristol Palin, who makes a living (?) occasionally dancing as a gorilla, thinks about hard work? Like for instance the hard work that went into the following blogpost (no need to click through; this is it in its entirety!)? “Lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring […]

Why are you doing this, New York Times? Why are you taking what we’re sure is a very nice young woman, and forcing us to mock her horribly, and unkindly — as horribly and unkindly as if she’d put up a terrible Thought Catalog — when all she wanted was to find a reasonably nice […]

Man, this Sunday’s New York Times is a total drag. Some communist must have taken over the real estate section, because all we have are stories of people looking for co-ops in Bed-Stuy or some such nonsense. Not a single $20 million house story! UNFAIR. INPEACH NEW YORK TIMES. Oh well. This week’s paper does […]

What’s up, Millennials? Being special snowflakes? We know it is hard out there — we really do! For instance, there are no jobs for you, and that is terrible! Sure, you also have a wee little tendency to yell at your bosses they are not the boss of you and you are the smartest and […]

Time Magazine is here to troll everyone with yet another cover story about Kids These Days and Their Lawns (Getting Off of). We have not read it, because Time Magazine. And yet we have decided to debate this Important Issue anyway. Taking the pro-Millennial position will be Rich Abdill (12). Taking the anti-Millennial position will […]

Happy Columbus Day, Merkins! Are you so grateful to be a citizen of the US-of-A on this, the day we commemorate how we came over and righteously kicked some Injun ass? How about if you knew we had given our righteous ass-kickings so terrible man-children could live in their parents’ garage apartments, decline full time […]

Millennials! First they shit all over your dress code and then when you call them on it they huff off in a snit and then they make up a bunch of unbelievable nonsense about why they didn’t show up to work for two months and then when you’re all “Hi, Republican state Rep. Eric Bikas, […]