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Everybody #Resisting Donald Trump Is Such A Lady!


Intel Committee: Snowden Gave Our Sh*t To Russia Because He’s A Typical F*cking Millennial

The House Intelligence Committee does not care for Edward Snowden's hijinks!


You were right, I was wrong, and I will be nice to you now. OR WILL I????
'OK, Bern, but I wish you wouldn't call me that'

Rightwing Rag Gonna Make Some Sh*t Up At You About How Hillary And Bernie Are Beefing

There's less than no 'there' there.

Hillary Clinton Went On ‘Between Two Ferns’ To Show Kids These Days How Hip Grandma Is

Hey, millennials! It is Hillary Clinton, doing a funny thing!

Rush Limbaugh Tried To Warn You About Obama’s Lesbian Farmers, But You LAUGHED AT HIM

Rush knows liberals are OUTRAGED that he figured out Obama's secret lesbian farmer conspiracy plans!
Would you buy a used car from this PAC?

‘Pro’ Bernie Sanders Fake Super PAC Spent All Your Twenty-Seven Dollarses At The Disco

Look, a post about Bernie Sanders and we are not even punching Bernie Sanders! HOORAY!

Tony The Millennial Douche Has Life By The Balls And He Is Going To Squeeze!

Tony, he's this guy. Sure, you may think he's just some bro asshole douche man who at 31 lives with his parents so he can spend his $130k salary (lol, Canadian) on bottle service and trying to recreate the...

Fox Doc Keith Ablow Being A Jerk To All The Lazy, Potted-Up Millennials. That Is Wonkette’s Job!

Snotnosed Millennial brat thinks "Dr." Keith Ablow is not even the boss of him, whatever.

Bill Clinton Debates Brody For Half An Hour In A Diner. Classic Bill Clinton! Classic Brody!

Bill Clinton had been told by his wife in no uncertain terms that he was done yelling at black people. Why didn't he go to Santa Fe, and make some new friends there? Santa Fe's a great little town,...

You Guys It Is Okay That Rosario Dawson Slagged Your Boyfriend The President

Actress Rosario Dawson said a dumb thing about your boyfriend, the president, today. According to Mashable's Emily Cahn, Dawson was speaking at a Bernie Sanders round table in Harlem when she said people were disappointed in Obama within two...

Wingnuts Will Never Forgive Michelle Obama For Outlawing Bacon Sundaes In Schools

Michelle Obama, Queen First Lady of our hearts, has long cared deeply about America's obesity crisis, particularly among kids. How have right-wingers been dicks to her about it over the years? Let us count the ways. First, some quick backstory....

Boys Way More Smarter Than Girls, According To Boys

Pfffft boys, amirite? They think they and all their brofriends are SO the smartest ever. Like these boys in biology class at the University of Washington, who were asked "Who is the smartest kid in class?" and the boys...

Pity Obama Let Those Sailors Die In Iranian Captivity, Oh They’ve Been Released?

Tyrant Barack Obama committed perhaps the most grievous sin of his evil reign Tuesday night when he danced around and gigglebanged Congress during the State of The Union, telling everybody what a badass president he was, at the very...

Dumb Millennials Don’t Even Believe Jesus Rode Dinosaurs

Millennials, they are THE WORST. They're always like "Mommy, can you write a note to my teacher in medical school to say he's being mean?" and "Hey Taylor Swift, why is this gross old lady Alanis Morissette on stage...