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Tennessee On Slavery: Sorry Not Sorry

Let’s have a half-round of applause for the brave souls in the Tennessee House of Representatives, who boldly voted Wednesday to express “profound regret” for both slavery and for segregation, although the chamber couldn’t quite bring itself to actually apologize for either. Baby steps, right? After all, just like the Florida Congresscritter who’s unsure whether the Civil Rights Act is Constitutional, you wouldn’t want to rush things on a sensitive matter like “are we sorry for enslaving people?” Read more on Tennessee On Slavery: Sorry Not Sorry…
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Tennessee House Just Plain Doesn’t ‘Get’ This ‘Constitution’ Thing, Wants To Ban Unions From Picketing

Earlier this year, Tennessee faced the terrifying possibility that workers at a Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga might vote to unionize. And while the UAW ultimately lost the election, the wise Republicans who control the Tennessee House of Representatives know that the state needs to be vigilant. So they introduced a bill to outlaw “mass picketing” by unions, since after all Tennessee is a right-to-work-with-no-rights-at-work state. HB1688 would specifically impose criminal penalties on “any form of mass picketing activity in the context of a strike, lockout, or other labor dispute.” Congratulations, Tennessee! You get to join Idaho on the bench of state legislatures who have no idea how laws work! Read more on Tennessee House Just Plain Doesn’t ‘Get’ This ‘Constitution’ Thing, Wants To Ban Unions From Picketing…
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Tennessee House Fights 20-Year-Old UN ‘Sustainability’ Plan, Because ‘Forced Abortion’

The Republican swath of the Tennessee House appears to have gotten an email chain letter from far-right crazy uncle the John Birch Society (desperate times), and the Tennessee House has heeded its call! Seems the New World Order managed to pass a truly insidious United Nations plan called Agenda 21 (it just sounds communist, wouldn’t you say?), and the Tennessee House aims to stop it! The point of Agenda 21, according to the U.N., is to support sustainable development: to “alleviate poverty and curb global warming,” as the Tennessean puts it. Tennessee House GOP translation: THESE TREE-HUGGIN BABY-HATIN COMMIE FOCKERS! Read more on Tennessee House Fights 20-Year-Old UN ‘Sustainability’ Plan, Because ‘Forced Abortion’…