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Nice Voting Rights You Have There, Would Be A Shame If Justice Gorsuch Happened To Them!

Weird! It's almost like they're trying to stop black people from voting!

‘Pro-Life’ Wingnuts Secretly Love Abortion, This Video Says So

Hey remember that time a million years ago (but really in the middle of July) when lying twat-gurgler anti-choice extremists from Operation Rescue and Live Action, going under the name "Center For Medical Progress," released a SHOCK VIDEO that showed...

Terrible People Who Helped Cover Up Steubenville Rape Indicted For Being Terrible

There is some big news out of Steubenville, Ohio, today. In case you don't remember how Steubenville got itself on the map o' scandals, here is a refresher: Back in 2012, a slutty drunk slut (i.e., a teenage girl)...

Steve Doocy Explains: Mitt Romney Saved The Auto Industry!

Don't, by any means, click on the above video of Steve Doocy explainering that Mitt Romney saved the auto industry. We cannot be held responsible if you ignore our warnings and your eyeballs fall out of your head and...

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