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Tampa, Day Something – We had just gotten a small glass of Bulleit (the greatest bourbon) from the very sweet twenty-nothing barkeep, when a lady, who just moments before had gotten what looked to be a lovely pinot grigio, walked over and told us the bar was closed. Oh, okay, certainly! we said as we […]

How’s jolly warrior Eric Cantor going to bat for his House GOP colleagues today? Oh, just by acknowledging that there’s an anti-Semitism problem among House GOP members. Hmm. Perhaps there have been moments of discomfort for our beloved Majority Leader, the only Jewish Republican in the House?

Our terrible news media and terrible politicians like to get together for fancy dinners sometimes to dress up nice and feel glamorous and very lightly poke fun at how terrible they all are. Last night, indecisive but would-be serial killer Ben Quayle opened his sad effort at reading jokes he paid a guy to write […]

Guess what? Politico got to talk to Ben Quayle! Ooh, what is he like? Do you think he’ll like Politico? Will he want to be friends with them and stuff? He’s so cool because he’s the only member of Congress who hasn’t had at least one bout with prostate cancer in his life so far. […]

Joe Biden opened his heart to chronic e-mail forwarder Mike Allen during a three-day trip to Iraq over Independence Day Weekend. From these conversations, Allen discerned that Biden is a “pol’s pol” who “emphasized the human connection in discussing his Washington relationships,” and that the Biden war administration “has no intention of deviating from its […]


by Jim Newell

MORE BOOKS FOREVER: Mark Leibovich, the same New York Times writer that put together that insanely insider-y, obnoxious 8,000-word profile of Politico‘s Mike Allen because they’re friends, is apparently so DISTURBED by the “media-industrial complex” of Washington — it’s reached “a tipping point of self-celebration,” he writes — that he will now write a book […]

Oh ho ho! We won’t ask for details. What are the details, though?? Did the Jonas Brothers get access to Mike Allen’s top secret masturbatorium and underground network of slave-operated Sugar Caves? [Twitter]

The “gotcha” part of the NYT “takedown” of Politico/Mike Allen is so pathetic, we feel bad for Mike Allen. Turns out his dad, who died a quarter-century ago, was a wingnut who wrote John Birch crap and was suspicious of government! Sort of like EVERY OTHER DAD IN ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA. Conversely, Mike Allen enjoys […]

We’re now about eight nine pages into this very long NYT magazine thing about The Politico, and it’s mostly the stuff you know about — the funny cartoon video somebody made, all the reporters who quit, etc. But there’s one crucial bit of Win the Morning hilarity we must share with you, as it succinctly […]

We’re going to admit something here, before the New York Times Magazine news article about Washington webzine sweatshop “The Politico” changes the very nature of Time/Space: We do not read Mike Allen’s daily email, and we don’t look at the Politico unless we absolutely have to — like, say, when a hundred readers keep sending […]

Or is that story still several weeks away? It’s hard to tell what this ten-Internet-page article about queer fur-ducks & bunnies is an allegory for. Let’s go with “Mike Allen and Dick Cheney.” [NYT Magazine]

NC-17  2:47 pm March 30, 2010

by Jim Newell

THE SAGA OF MIKE ALLEN, COMING SOON: DIRTY DIRTY SECRETS are on the way from the very important New York Times Magazine, and its excellent Mark Leibovich: “Politico scribes are buzzing about an upcoming NYT magazine piece by Mark Leibovich. Leibovich has interviewed many reporters at Politico for what is expected to be a lengthy […]

The greatest political satire of the decade — this funny animated movie about the Politico — appeared yesterday on some Web 2.6 internet website we’d never heard of before. So, being Washington journalists who WIN THE MOTHERFUCKING MORNING, we tracked down the writer and director, a “Peter Smith,” if that is his real name. And […]

WHOEVER MADE THIS IS A GENIUS. [Xtranormal via The Awl]

Well shucks, it’s past 4 p.m. and your Wonkette is only now getting to the POLITICO‘s win of the morning, if not the past 100 years: Barack Obama is secretly planning to run again, in 2012 — this time for President of the United States. As if there were no deficits! How did the other […]