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Tag: midland

Oh Jeb. What did she do to you?

Jeb Bush LOLs About How His Mom Used To Beat Him

What up, Jeb? Besides losing for president and trying to win supporters who will never come, because you are so pathetic? Oh, we see, you're kiddin' around at a "campaign event" about how terrible and horrible your mother Barbara...
He knows Jesus hates gays as much he does.

Michigan Mechanic Won’t Serve The Queers, Time To Crank Up The Old GoFundMe

Because it is a day, here is a story about a bigot who needs you to know that he, as a white male (reportedly) heterosexual, is being oppressed, because gay people exist. Introduce yourselves to Brian Klawiter, owner of...

Today We Are All This Lady Brandishing A Semi At Chuck E. Cheese

Let those without sin cast the first bullet, but who hasn't wanted to brandish a firearm at a Chuck E. Cheese? Only those who have never had to be there, surely. But the big problem is, there is a...