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Tag: middle finger

She seems so nice

New Jersey Town Councilwoman Flips ‘P.O.S.’ Mayor Double Birds, Because New Jersey

A town council meeting in Mahwah, New Jersey, turned ugly last Thursday as the Council reacted with both pique and indelicacy to ... we don't know, some horseshit that small-town people get het-freakin'-up about. We do know Councilwoman Lisa...

Fox Nation’s Latest Successful Trolling Effort: ‘Reagan Given Middle Finger In Obama White House’

It's Friday, should we allow Fox Hip Hop BBQ Nation to troll us? Oh, it's never a choice. Here's the latest: "REAGAN GIVEN MIDDLE FINGER IN OBAMA WHITE HOUSE." The photo shows Barack Obama and Michele Obama and Eric...

And This Is Why Matt Drudge Has Had No Impact On The Election

Hey kids, here's your current top story on Matt Drudge's wingnut bastion, The Drudge Report. He is so upset about Obama's middle finger popping up as he scratches his face, which happens all the time! Who knew that Obama...