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Why is Rick Santorum still talking, and more importantly, why is anyone still interested in hearing him talk, given that he holds no office and everyone wishes he’d go away? Your Wonkette does not have the answer to these questions, but we DO have a video of him referring to any discussion of the middle […]

How wonderful, the last time we checked in with Business Insider they were running articles on how you are not a winner if you want to see your wife and kids every so often, but now they are run by a bona fide Commie! Yes! A Commie! The Commie, one Henry Blodget, is complaining about late capitalism […]

Pareene: For some reason, the president has not yet used the loaded term “entitlements,” while proposing that Medicare and Social Security be “reformed,” which is to say made less generous. It’s just very odd that in his speeches about making the middle class more prosperous, the president has not once suggested trying maybe slashing two […]

Marco Rubio talked last night, we are told (we couldn’t hear him over the yowling noises coming from his Sad Hairs), about some stuff. Like the middle class, and how he is middle class, and how he loves living among the middle class and you won’t find him leaving his beloved middle class neighborhood to […]

Mitt Romney is just like you and me, except that he grew up pretty wealthy and went to prep school and Ivy League universities and thus had no problem getting access to the kind of people who could help him earn more money than you or I could ever conceive of earning in a hundred […]

Moneybags Mitt Romney, a man who has by one estimate about as many dollars as there are adult humans in the United States, is trying desperately to woo his way into ordinary conservative voters’ reluctant panties with outlandish claims that he is somehow “one of them” instead of just the guy who “owns them,” but […]

A startling new study proves that America’s Middle Class has been utterly, completely wiped out — these are the people all politicians are always talking to, in theory. What happened? Apparently, wages have been declining for thirty or forty years and pensions have vanished and the one asset 90% of middle class people owned is […]

Here’s something with a plus and a minus: Most Americans will soon be free of endless advertising and marketing campaigns, because the advertising industry has decided the only money to be made is in marketing things to the last people with money, the richest 10%. The “minus,” in this case, is that only the richest […]

In the past week or two, we have brought you some exciting, fun stories about how Democrats were probably going to cave on the Bush tax cuts and probably going to cave on repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” But somehow it has finally started to get through to Democrats that, despite what the Republicans do, […]

Democrats in Congress were too afraid even to try to pass an extension of the Bush tax cuts for the middle class before the election, because Republicans saying anything at all about Democrats and taxes is very scary! Of course, Republicans still used this anyway, because they have no problem turning anything and everything into […]

AMERICA  1:24 pm October 16, 2007

by Ken Layne