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We haven’t said anything about the web kerfuffle over Joan Rivers calling Michelle Obama a “tranny,” simply because Joan Rivers for godssake. But now that certified Serious Thinker Alex Jones has weighed in on the matter, using a dumb joke as the springboard for a big ol’ rant about how maybe Michelle actually is a […]

The Daily Caller proved conclusively this weekend that Barack and Michelle Obama are the most pampered, spoiled, wasteful Imperial President and First Lady ever in the history of America, mostly by throwing out a whole lot of big numbers and suggesting that they’re shocking. The headline, “The Obamas Have Spent Over $44,351,777.12 In Taxpayer Cash […]

In shocking, off-script comments, Barack Obama yesterday all but admitted that rumors of his cocaine habit are 100% true. At a White House event celebrating “gay” Pride Month Monday, the President, whose college grades we’ve still never seen, made a reference to the secret ingredients that he has ordered retiring White House executive pastry chef […]

OMG you guys! It’s over! GAME OVER, MAN!! First Lady Michelle Obama has been caught using a RACIST SLUR, but thanks to the liberal media, absolutely nobody is covering it! It just goes to show you what complete hypocrites all liberals everywhere are! Check out the sturmundranging in this lede from the Daily Caller: Who […]

Be careful, kids, another rightwing writer has attempted satire. The writer is Mychal Massie, WND’s most prominent black person who can’t stand what Obama has done to America, and his satirical notion is this: we should elect a white Christian conservative who governs as badly as Barack Obama, so that no one will ever be […]

You know we couldn’t let the day end without some Happy links. We have an outbound links roundup for you, which makes this some sort of meta hell of links on links on links, but you should check them all out because they’re good reads, even if we didn’t write them. Sportsball thug Richard Sherman […]

Sportsball Man Richard Sherman is here to indoctrinate your children into thinking that healthy eating is OK, in this cute video for the Let’s Move initiative, Michelle Obama’s dangerous plot to encourage “healthy” eating and exercise so that she can raise an army of socialist cadres. On camera, he and his “Seattle Seahawks sous chefs” […]

The kids are our future, so we should treasure them and take care of each individual precious snowflake child, each of whom is a gift from God or Allah or Spirit Pasta or whatever. But you know what? Skinny snowflakes suck. Don’t you like fat, enormous snowflakes? So do Republicans, which is why they continue […]

Jesus, Michelle Obama, could you stop oppressing America for even one second? First there were your terrible lies about how “poor black schools are not as good for their students as rich white schools” what are obviously lies, because you can eat at a Woolworth’s lunch counter now, and also Donald Sterling. And now we […]

Well here is a “fun” video that MediaMatters has flagged for us! It begins with Terrible Michelle Obama and Terrible Eric Holder speaking about the 60th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education. We are sorry to report this, but Holder claims there is still racism in this country, as if! And Obama doubles down […]

One of the fun things about curating the comment queue is that we occasionally get brand-new comments on posts that are weeks or months old — such is the nature of the interwebs and search engines. And so today, we are delighted to bring you a Dear Shitferbrains comprising recent outrage over stuff that was […]

You better believe that the St. Louis Rams drafting Michael Sam, the first openly gay football-flavored sportsball player, in the seventh round of the NFL draft, is one of the lead stories in today’s New York Times. The Times does its usual dispassionate bit of reporting about it, but if you’d like to tear up […]

Michelle Obama was on Nashville last night, everybody. Jon Stewart talked 2016 and the depressing inevitability of a Bush-Clinton matchup. All of you are making a solemn vow to watch Maya Rudolph’s variety show, aren’t you? We are besaddened by the new Pixies record, but you should still read our review. There’s going to be […]

Since it was Nerd Prom aka the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner last night, your Twitter timeline was already full of all the barbs and jabs and gentle ribbing that Obama put into his speech, but the the Old Gray Lady moves a bit slower, so the Times has Bamz’ comedic stylings as one of […]

So what horrible Marie Antoinette-style outrage is Michelle Obama perpetrating upon the good people of U.S. America this week? Maybe she ate food? Or suggested that children get some exercise? Even worse: She “accepted an invitation” to speak at commencement for the combined graduating classes of high schools in Topeka, Kansas (translation: “imposed herself on […]