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So what horrible Marie Antoinette-style outrage is Michelle Obama perpetrating upon the good people of U.S. America this week? Maybe she ate food? Or suggested that children get some exercise? Even worse: She “accepted an invitation” to speak at commencement for the combined graduating classes of high schools in Topeka, Kansas (translation: “imposed herself on […]

Welcome to another edition of Derp Roundup, the weekly feature where we bring you a bunch of stories that didn’t quite merit a post of their own, but that were far too stupid to ignore altogether. Apply alcohol directly to your central processing unit as needed. Or your computer’s. For the second week in a […]

Generally, we are totally down with the educational efforts of Sesame Street because we are scumbag left-wing propaganda-perpetrating liberals who think that teaching kids that war kind of sucks and that gay people are OK is a thing worth teaching. Also, too, we are super into the fact that FLOTUS shows up on there all […]

Do you remember last year when Glenn Beck was very very sure that the Boston Marathon bombing was a Muslim conspiracy and was pretty sure Michelle Obama went and cozied up to the kid Beck thought was the bomber, a Saudi national 20-year-old student named Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi? Except then the whole thing fell […]

That Michelle Obama, always with the evilling, and the Hitlering, like some kind of Evil Hitler. It is like you cannot even turn around in this once-great nation without running into the First Lady of the United States doing something evilly Hitlerian, for instance, encouraging people to drink more water, or encouraging people to sign […]

Doge knows we could all use some Nice Time right now, and could there be anything better than watching Michelle Obama coo over some pandas at a reserve in China? No, there could not. So here is Her Highness and Most Exalted Queen of All Americans, along with her mother and daughters, on a tour […]

How is Michelle Obama, Kenyan impostoress and supposed “First Lady” of the United States of Murka, betraying our glorious nation today? Did you answer “breathing”? Well YOU ARE WRONG SIR. No, today she is betraying us, her “co-citizens” (yeah right), by playing ping-pong in China and also answering a question from a Chinese student about […]

Your president of these here United States Barack Obama visited the Ellen show today via remote, which meant that his picture weirdly floated above Ellen, twice her size, which he probably demanded because of how he is such a megalomaniac even though he is also too a weakling. Anyway, Bamz just came on Ellen to […]

Dunderheaded gloryhole enthusiast Patrick Howley continues his crusade to bring the hardest of hard-hitting journalism to Tucker Carlson’s Internet Void with this breathless post about the White House’s pastry chef resigning his position because Michelle Obama is a health-conscious monster: White House executive pastry chef Bill Yosses is resigning after First Lady Michelle Obama fundamentally […]

Looks like the birth certificate and the contacts with aliens and the reptilian lizard people were just the beginning of the things that the lamestream media failed to vet about this Barack Hussein Soetoro person. Now it can finally be told, according to some loons who think the Pope is an imposter or something: Michelle […]

See those men? Those are Barack Obama and Old Handsome Joe Biden, and they are “let’s moving,” because they are scared of the fiery wrath of Michelle Obama. Did you like the ’80s cop show styley music, like maybe it is the theme from Simon & Simon, or maybe it is TJ Hooker? Did you […]

Submitted for your approval: A Saturday Night Live sketch out of time, with Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell in drag as teen girls, joined by FLOTUS Michelle Obama in one of those guest appearances that proves that a prominent non-actor is a “good sport” — a little stiff but game, exactly as she should be. […]

How does it feel to be living in an unprecedented era of presidential overreach, America, one where tyrant Obama demands copies of “True Detective” and you have to slave over your television every Sunday like the peasant you are? Worse, now your African-American president Kenyan usurper saw white girl Alexandra Daddario’s boobs BEFORE YOU DID. […]

Once more to the pending comments queue, dear Wonkers, and let’s just see what has piled up for you. We have this, from terribly upset person “Sundaymorningg,” in reply to that article we did when Michelle Malkin noticed that Michelle Obama wore a designer dress to the State Dinner for French President Francois Hollande. Sundaymorningg […]

Those damned Obamas with their dogs eating imaginary steak off bone china (get it???) and their fancy-schmancy designer frocks! Something must be done to bring their wild living down to earth, because they got all fancied up for a formal state dinner for that man from Frenchietown, just like every other president ever, but that […]