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So, everybody was all Happy and Nice Timey about the New York Police Department ditching its “Demographics Unit,” a.k.a. Muslim surveillance unit, right? All it did was anger New York and New Jersey’s Muslim communities and screw with civil liberties, whilst producing exactly bupkis in terms of counter-terrorist intelligence, so everyone said, “Good riddance,” no? […]

It turns out that Barry Hussein Bamz-Soetoro-Alinsky isn’t the only schemer in the administration who plays 11-dimensional hopscotch, planning several steps ahead of reality to work miracles of political gamesmanship that only become obvious after the trap has sprung. Screeching rage-fueled harpy Michelle Malkin has sussed out the true intentions behind the Justice Department’s corruption […]

Looks like the “Barack Obama’s weakness let Ukraine happen” trope has reached its apotheosis with this tweet from Sen. Lindsey Graham, with its inescapable logic: Barack Obama let Benghazi happen, therefore Ukraine. It’s just like that time when Reagan knew that somebody had to pay for the bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut, so […]

Once more to the pending comments queue, dear Wonkers, and let’s just see what has piled up for you. We have this, from terribly upset person “Sundaymorningg,” in reply to that article we did when Michelle Malkin noticed that Michelle Obama wore a designer dress to the State Dinner for French President Francois Hollande. Sundaymorningg […]

That picture that you see above is Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States, with her husband, the “president.” They are welcoming guests at their state dinner for French Mssr. President Socialist A. Horndog. She looks very pretty! While we were at first not wowed by the periwinkle and black color combination of this […]

Well thank god, someone has finally come to the defense of all the rich. Michelle Malkin has bravely come forward to call for an end to the “bullying epidemic” that plagues our nation: No, not the school bullying issues that get constant attention from Hollywood, the White House and the media. No, not the “fat-shaming” […]

Do you love humorous things, perhaps of a political nature? Do you like wit, and incisiveness, and not being A Idiot? Then you probably do not read Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy. It is a bad place of sadness where unnamed “staff” go and cull tweets from right wingers yelling at liebruls and then add commentary like […]

The good folks at Michelle Malkin’s Home for Aggrieved Aggregators have made a shocking discovery! House Republicans did not shut down the park service, and in particular did not shut down the World War II Memorial on the National Mall. Turns out the orders to shut out WWII vets came directly from Barack Obama himself! […]

Aww, Twitchy: It’s so nice to know that you guys care! Under the headline “Looming government shutdown elicits concern among food stamp recipients” yesterday, the rightwing twitter aggregator noted that according to a USA Today explainer on the shutdown: the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) has enough money to last one more year. That means […]

Oh god how do we write an article when we loathe everybody involved? Oh wait, we do that every fucking day here at yr Wonkette. But – today is a special epic valley of dumb people fighting. It is a veritable Grand Canyon of dumb. Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you Amanda Bynes on the […]

Say, would you believe that conservative blogonauts found something to spend Memorial Day DEEPLY OFFENDEDED over? Yes, we know, what are the odds? The shocking contretemps involved Lena Dunham, that terrible awful young lady who made an innuendo-laden video that compared voting to sexytime romps with a black man. We don’t know much about Ms. […]

Recently, there has been lots of Nice Time! for our LGBT sisters and brothers. But hey, this kind of momentum can’t go on forever, and who better to put a stop to it than the House GOP  Senate GOP  Democratic Senators from red blue states. Wait, what? Are you fucking kidding? Our latest group of […]

So there was a sportsball thing that happened in the past couple days where a head coach of college basketsportsball got fired for providing college kids some teachable moments by kicking them, hitting them, throwing sportsballs at their heads, and calling them pretty much every homophobic slur you can think of. He sounds nice! Rational […]

Anchor baby Michelle Malkin is flabbercensed, y’all, about the Associated Press changing its stylebook to avoid namecalling immigrants who don’t have all their paperwork in one sock put the final nail in the Lamestream Media’s coffin. Not only has the AP decided to stop calling these terrorvaders “illegal immigrants” (because, so mean!), but they’ve also […]

How is Michelle Malkin’s House for Runaway Dwarves With Syphilitic Brain Lesions furthering the cause of conservatism lately? Like this: “Rainn Wilson, Michael Moore cite Onion’s NRA-bashing parody.” In it, the unbylined “Twitchy staff” do a happy gleeful GOTCHA dance about liberal stupids. See, Michael Moore and Rainn Wilson tweeted out an Onion link — […]