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Trump’s LOW ENERGY Inauguration. Wonkagenda for Friday, January 20, 2016

Trump's can't fill his cabinet, EVERYONE is protesting, Colbert says #ThanksObama! Your morning news brief!

LOL Kellyanne Conway, Numbers Is Hard!

Time for your morning update on Kellyanne Conway LOL U Suck.

Donald Trump On Flint’s Black Lady Pastor: B*tch Set Him Up!

That outreach to the African-American community is going GREAT.
It's almost as if the Miss America organization doesn't hate Muslims like they should

Donald Trump Has Found His Next Wife!

Sad news for the people of Puerto Rico! They have lost their official beauty queen. Miss Puerto Rico 2015, Destiny Velez, was suspended after sending a number of anti-Muslim tweets on the Twitter machine, in response to a provocative...

Some Dude Making Bristol Palin An Honest Woman. Molotov, Bristol Palin!

We come not to bury Bristol Palin, recently affianced betrothed of some guy, but to be really happy for her. Seriously! Not even kidding! Sure, she's dumb and mean, and her Medal of Honor-winning soldier-person guy is also kind...
I see dead people.

Todd Starnes Has Some Thoughts On American Jesus We Mean American Sniper

Here's a true story about Todd Starnes. Recently, I was at a party and mentioned that I was writing about Todd Starnes. The person I was talking to didn't quite know who Todd Starnes was until I said, "People make...
And is India even grateful that we saved them from Saddam Hussein? No they are not.

Fox News Explains How American Snipers Saved India From Saddam Hussein

In case you missed it, the latest litmus test for whether you Love America Enough is whether you are an enthusiastic supporter of the movie American Sniper, which you have to love or you are a hater. You see,...

Toxic Xenophobe Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy: Still A Idiot (Updated!)

How is Michelle Malkin's House for Runaway Dwarves With Syphilitic Brain Lesions furthering the cause of conservatism lately? Like this: "Rainn Wilson, Michael Moore cite Onion’s NRA-bashing parody." In it, the unbylined "Twitchy staff" do a happy gleeful GOTCHA...

A Children’s Treasury of Occupy Wall Street Photographs

Our freedom-fighting Wonkette operative KenLayIsAlive has been part of the Occupy Wall Street occupation since it began. Here's a batch of his recent photos. Thank you, KenLayIsAlive!

Michael Moore and the Granny Peace Squad Occupy Wall Street

Hello friends! Your Occupy Wall Street correspondent spent the day familiarizing himself with the park-dwelling lifestyle (pro tip: poop at McDonald's, not in your pants) and meeting the treacherous peaceniks that he will be spending an entire week with....

Michael Moore Posts Bail For Fellow America-Hater Julian Assange

WikiLeaks America-hater-droid Julian Assange has finally been released on bail for not wearing a condom while in Sweden or whatever, and his bail was paid in part by the less Internetty, more fattily American Julian Assange, Michael Moore. Assange...

Michael Moore Declares One Of His Michael Moore Wars On Connecticut

Eh. Needs more salt.

Watch The New Conservative ‘Spoof’ Movie Trailer!

Here's the trailer for An American Carol, which was first shown to the world on the O'Reilly Factor last night. Movie trailers rarely debut on Bill O'Reilly's terrible show, but this is a conservative "spoof" movie starring the few...

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