michael dunn

We have quite a range of incoherent shouting for you in today’s visit to the ol’ comment queue, so let’s jump right in and unleash the ugly vile little snark mob, shall we? Let us begin with “bmmg39,” who had a bone to pick with all of us for our stupid-headed failure to recognize that […]

Here’s The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams to provide some new lessons for Black History Month, following the killing of Jordan Davis: some survival tips for black teens in a world full of armed, “chronically terrified white people.” You want comedy born of tragedy, she’s got it. Much better than just staring in helpless frustration. Bonus […]

We are now officially in the “Stupid people make us want to scream” portion of the Michael Dunn trial, when every moron possible will try to outdo the last. For starters, how about Florida state Rep. Matt Gaetz, who disagreed with the verdict and believes Dunn should have been found guilty of murder, but couldn’t […]

Today’s Times is lighter on coverage of the Michael Dunn trial than we had hoped. There’s only a dispassionate bit that so dryly recounts the inexplicable verdict — guilty on attempted murder charges of the kids he didn’t kill, but not guilty of murdering the one he did — it isn’t even worth quoting here. […]

The jury in the Michael Dunn case — the man in Florida who fired 10 shots at a car full of teenagers because they were black he was “scared” of their loud music, before heading back to his hotel, ordering a pizza, and declining to phone up the police — has come back with guilty […]

So first off, let’s get the sorta-apology out of the way. Yesterday, in our story on the murder of 17-year-old Jordan Davis for being black and in a car with loud music, we said that one of the few good things to note about the media coverage of the murder is that “outside of white […]

We have not been posting anything about the trial of Michael Dunn, the Responsible Gun Owner who shot 17-year-old Jordan Davis to death after an argument about loud music. Mostly because the story is depressing and really not funny. In November 2012, Dunn pulled into a Jacksonville, Florida, convenience store parking lot, got into an […]

A Florida man who objected to loud music coming from a parked car let his rage go to eleven, so he shot and killed one of the teens sitting in the car. Did we mention that this happened in Florida? And that the shooter is a white gun nut and the victim was a black […]