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New TSA Scanner Makes Airport Security Far Less Sexy

Everybody's favorite airport moment is when you get to play "TSA coed strip poker webcam," amiright? First the shoes and belts come off. Then you must unzip your computer bag and place your bulging hard-drive on the conveyor belt...

Michael Chertoff Latest Innocent Victim Of Nation’s Unfair Immigration Enforcement Laws

Ha ha, it's funny because the mutant overlord Michael Chertoff is the Secretary of Homeland Security, which includes Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and unbeknownst to him some ILLEGAL ALIENS snuck in and cleaned his house! Have you ever heard...

Skeletor Rides Again

Meet Your New Least Favorite Blogger

George W. Bush Wishes New Orleans a Very Happy Katrina Birthday

You'd never guess our little Katrina is two years old today. Why? Because it looks like that hurricane and terrible flooding happened just days ago! Who would think a major American city would still be in ruins two fucking...

Gossip Roundup: Baby Mo Problems