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Donald Trump Drops In For Louisiana Flood Photo Op After Governor Asks Him Not To, Because He Cares

Donald Trump went to Baton Rouge to look at the floodwaters, help unload a truck, and sign some baseball caps. Everything's better!
No, Bill, we haven't forgotten.

DNC Night Two: How Many Hours Will Bill Clinton Talk Tonight? Here Is Your Livebloog!

Night Two of the DNC started with the formal nomination of Hillary Clinton as U.S. America's first female major party nominee

Megyn Kelly Shouting Match On Racism With D.L. Hughley Does Not Go Well, For Megyn Kelly

Why does D.L. Hughley have to keep saying racist things are racist? IT'S UNFAIR!
thanks seattle

Starbucks Shocks America, Breaks Streak Of Phenomenal Stupidity On Race Issues

Ugh, Starbucks, really? You're going to try to tackle actual serious societal problems again, now in Ferguson, Missouri, no less? Okay, fine, how are you falling on your face this time? Wait ... Starbucks' plan is actually well-thought-out and...


We have an important journalism update on the trollop Beyoncé, who insists on being a feminist black lady, and who we learned Monday is an "urban terrorist" and a CIA-funded brainwasher, on top of her normal duties as the president...

It’s A Thanksgiving Miracle! Chicago Cop Might Not Get Away With Murdering Black Kid

Here's a story that is no doubt familiar to you by now. Cop shoots a black kid a whole bunch of times, black kid dies, cop tells a story of why he had no choice but to shoot shoot shoot...
Just Jeb!

The Seven Best Times Jeb Bush Embarrassed His Mother This Week

Oh, that Jeb Bush! He is literally THE WORST at running for president of America. It's like his entire life, he's been living in the shadow of his dad and his brother, and he's just really tired of how...

George W. Bush In New Orleans: Heckuva Job, Myself!

    George W. Bush returned to the scene of the crime Friday, speaking briefly at a high school that had been flooded during Hurricane Katrina 10 years ago. You will be astonished that his remarks were utterly devoid of self-reflection or...
She clearly feels protected

Armed White ‘Oath Keepers’ Descend On Ferguson, Will Definitely Calm Everything Down

In case you were concerned that the situation in Ferguson, Missouri, might get unpleasant as people mark the one-year anniversary of the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, you can put those worries to rest now: The Oath Keepers have...

Scott Walker Wishes Blacks Would Be Nicer About All This Racism Stuff

Racial transcendence, how does IT work? Republican candidate and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker attempted to explain it while campaigning in Spartanburg, South Carolina, but he is a Republican, so he did a real bad job. You see, according to...
Yeah, marijuana use is clearly the important part of this story.

Texas Says Sandra Bland Was Potted Up On Weed, Because That’s What Makes You Die

We're still not sure how Sandra Bland died. The dashcam video told us fuck all, although whatever happened off camera sure did sound violent! The state of Texas is saying that, based on preliminary autopsy results, she hanged herself...
A bit like the end of Close Encounters, only with tear gas.

Justice Department: Maybe Police Treating Ferguson Like Fallujah Was A Bad Idea

A draft Justice Department report on the police response to demonstrations in Ferguson, Missouri, last summer finds -- and we hope you're sitting down here -- that the heavily armed police were heavy-handed in their tactics, poorly coordinated, and...
Yes, kiddo, it is.

Lawsuit Alleges Nice California Teacher Taught Students About Racism, By Being Racist

Racial transcendence is alive and well in Brentwood, California, if the allegations in a new lawsuit are true. The case states that Steven Carnine, an 8th grade history teacher at Paul Revere Charter Middle School and Magnet Center, figured that...
NOTE: Only one of these photos is a mug shot

James O’Keefe Can’t Get Anyone To Say They Want To Kill Cops, Sadface :(

Poor James O'Keefe has had another of his very serious undercover filmmaking projects blow up in his face, it appears. And for the strangest of reasons: a couple of his employees at "Project Veritas" seem to have decided that...
Call him irresponsible...and he will DESTROY YOU.

Oh, NOW Bill O’Reilly Thinks Irresponsible Words Can Inspire Violence

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Bill O'Reilly would just like to see a little more responsibility on the part of the media in how they cover sensitive issues, because as he's recently discovered, language can have consequences! In a...
The other chyron for the story: 'Street Justice: Police officers shot in wake of DOJ Report'

Fox News: Eric Holder Really Should NOT Have Shot Those Cops In Ferguson!

While two police officers were still hospitalized after being shot in Ferguson, Missouri, early Thursday morning (they have since been released), and police have no suspects, Fox News and other rightwing sources have identified the true culprits: Attorney General...