Noted anti-Mexican group “ALIPAC” (which means “No Mexicans” in Spanish) has distributed this video clip proving that haughty Texan country-club waiter Rick Perry will never be the Republican nominee because he just loves giving money to Mexicans too much: They booed him for this! It’s almost like he was a gay soldier or something, the […]

It is not news that Future Sheriff-in-Chief Rick Perry enjoys murdering Mexicans, for sport. That is why Michele Bachmann is probably having a shame-based pill binge, right this very minute, while watching her already-questionable relevance get flushed further and further down the State Fair Porta-Johns. But Rick Perry knows that in order to win 2012, […]

We get so many ridiculous press releases every day, we’re going to start featuring them in this new unintentional comedy section, “Press Releases Without Comment.” TO: DATE: Wed, Aug 17, 2011 at 5:15 AM Press Release: Michele Bachmann First To Make Illegal Immigration Top Issue for 2012 August 17, 2011 (MMD Newswire) – – […]

America was founded upon dusty Old Testament scrolls handed down from the Heavens by Jesus and the cowboys. And then the Jews came, as prophesied, and turned Washington into their surrogate Promised Land, and they have ruled ever since. Luckily for poor, uneducated and underrepresented Christian Patriots, Jewish interests mesh exactly with those of the […]

Hi friends! Just checking in to let you know that undocumented immigrants paid an estimated $11.2 billion in local taxes last year — that’s $11.2 billion more than G.E. forked over, even though General Electric is a documented corporation that makes billions and billions of dollars! (Gawd it must be so sexy being a gelatinous […]

Delightful news, America: Even though Arizona has been shunned by conferences and business travelers and entertainers and tourists with money ever since the “Arrest all the Brown People” law and that insane sheriff in Phoenix with his ritual torture/humiliation of suspected Latinos his goons capture in daylight raids, and even though the rest of the […]

Why does Adams Morgan bar The Black Squirrel have a current-affairs blog? And why does it, in between posts about sports, get political in a city where its customers are very political? The Messicans made them do it. The next time Stephen Colbert slips into his alter ego and skewers the illegal-alien issue to laughs, […]

This is going to make it a lot harder for Arizona’s elected officials to say Mexicans are scarier than this fellow, even if he did go to the Tom Delay School of Mugshot Glee. [Some Twitter thing]

Sometimes, things are just so weird that you’ve got no real choice but to spray paint a bunch of angry anti-Mexican crap all over your crappy car, for America!

The House passed the DREAM Act last night for some reason, even though it will certainly be filibustered in the Senate. But that’s not a knock on it. The House should feel free to pass stuff they think the Senate will filibuster. It seems like they may finally no longer be afraid of that giant […]

State Rep. and terror-baby aficionado Debbie Riddle of Texas camped out in a folding chair in front of the legislative clerk’s office yesterday to make sure she was the first (OF MANY! USA! USA! USA!) to introduce a version of Arizona’s racial-profiling immigration law into her grand state’s legislature. This is an interesting new tactic […]

A Hispanic Republican group made an ad telling Nevada Spanish-speakers not to vote this year because the Democrats in Congress haven’t made good on their promises to do stuff. You know, that’s a pretty valid sentiment! But of course this came from Republicans, so we all see why they are actually telling the brown people […]

Ever been to Louisiana? One interesting thing is that the “Mexico” underneath the state is actually made of seawater (and BP oil). But this hasn’t stopped Diaperman’s campaign from producing this comically offensive ad full of Cheech & Chong extras climbing through the Bayou State’s “border fence.”

Orange-headed founder and fired cable-news host Lou Dobbs was known for one thing during his long last years of anchoring a CNN show even dumber than Rick’s List: Lou Dobbs HATED the Mexicans. Oh man they drove him NUTS! And once CNN management decided Lou Dobbs was too awful even for CNN, Lou Dobbs […]

Have you heard about the impending invasion of the Space Devils? Whether it’s another discovery of a new “earthlike” planet filled with thousand-foot-tall rape monsters or the latest MSNBC documentary about the night demons who arrive all the time in UFOs as foretold in the Bible, it seems we just can’t escape the fact that […]