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Tag: meridian

Yet another in the long-running internet series "cats with guns"

Responsible Gun Owners Continue Shooting Kids To Keep America Safe

Time once again to check in with America's Responsible Gun Owners to find out how the Second Amendment has been keeping us all safe from government tyranny and rampant crime, though not necessarily from ourselves or people we live with....

Dig Your Ground: Shovel-Toting Student Freaks Out Idaho Middle School, Resulting In Lockdown

Staff and parents at a middle school in the Boise suburb of Meridian, Idaho, pretty much lost their shit when a student carrying a folding "military style" short-handled shovel was mistaken for a maniac roaming the halls of the...

Suspended From School In Mississippi? That’s A Jailing

We at Wonkette have been pretty excited about Louisiana lately, what with revealing that they are one of the more awful states of the union in terms of infant mortality and life expectancy and whatnot, and also because they...