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Maybe Nashville Shooter’s Dad Shouldn’t Have Returned His Guns. It’s A Thought.

It's almost as if there's a problem with too many guns out there. Let's crack down on mentally ill people instead.

NRA Spokeswoman Dana Loesch Being A Vampire, Again

The problem, she says, is crazy people. Hmmm.

How Could Such A Tragedy Happen Again After The Last Time We Did Absolutely Nothing?

Here we are again. One of these days we might even do something about it.

Republicans On Gun Silencer Bill After Las Vegas: We Don’t Know Her!

Shh. The sportsmen have sensitive ears. Don't say anything to make them buy more guns. (They'll do that anyway)

Trump Just Deporting The Fuck Out Of Everyone Now

Home Of The Scared

Senate Voting On Letting Severely Mentally Ill Folks Buy Guns, For That Well-Regulated Militia

Did anyone actually run on the 'more guns for the severely mentally ill' ticket?

Team Of Evils: It’s Gonna Be A ‘Dead Baby In the Jail Cell’ Kind Of Day

Hey! We found a sheriff worse than Joe Arpaio!

Hillary Clinton’s Mental Health Policy Announcement Lost In Coverage Of Anthony Weiner’s Dick

Hillary Clinton released a detailed proposal to improve mental health care Monday, and it's largely gone unnoticed. That's just plain crazy.
Those eyes were made to run for the legislature

Texas Gun Enthusiast Kills Daughters, Aims At Cops, Has Gun Taken From Cold Dead Hands

A Texas woman shot and killed her daughters and was then shot by police after a family argument. This was a completely anomalous incident, as the vast majority of gun owners never break the law.
Strange, we keep finding reasons to use this

Mississippi’s Bill To Allow Divorce For Domestic Violence Accidentally Walks Into The Door

Mississippi came perilously close to entering the 20th Century last week (The 21st? Not even close!) as a conference committee considered a bill that would add domestic violence to the acceptable grounds for divorce in the state. In the...
Quintonio LeGrier, 19, and Bettie Jones, 55

Chicago Cops Can’t Stop Shooting Black People Dead For Some Reason

We still don't know why Chicago police used deadly force against 19-year-old Quintonio LeGrier after his father, Antonio LeGrier, called 911 early Saturday morning to report that his son was threatening him with an aluminum baseball bat. We don't...
Mind: Blown

Rand Paul Will Save America’s Children With Some Stickers

Like every other Republican with grand delusions of moving into the White House in 2017, Rand Paul has no idea what to do about America's routine mass shootings. But, as with his fellow Republicans, that has not stopped him from sharing the creaking...
Kam Brock. She says she has a BMW. She does have a BMW. What a headcase!

Black Lady Sent To Mental Hospital For Saying She Drives A BMW. Whatever, Crazy Lady!

Oh hi, we are here with another dispatch from America, land of the Racism Is Totally Over, Yep, You Bet. It's a story as old as Phyllis Schlafly. Black lady by the name of Kamilah Brock ("Kam" for short)...
Also, we have a pamphlet on the dangers of irony...

L. Ron Hubbard Controlling Texas Now From Beyond Earthly Grave

It's no surprise that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is a big fan of religious freedom, especially the freedom to keep gays from getting married and the freedom to keep sluts from getting abortions. But it turns out that fundagelical...
This story has Bearing Arms AND Baring Arms in it!

Send Us Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Mentally Ill Kentuckians: Your Florida Roundup

Greetings, Wonketeers, from America’s Sam’s Cola, a state so strange and wondrous that all kinds of people are just dying to move here, and then some of them die here, because they are old. One of our newest denizens...
Tim McGraw's gonna have to pry the guns out of his own songs!

Country Stars Tim McGraw, Billy Currington In False-Flag Gun-Grabbing Sandy Hook Slapfight!

Remember the Sandy Hook school massacre? The one where 20 first-graders were gunned down by a crazed shooter named Adam Lanza? Yes, that one. Tim McGraw announced this week that he would be headlining a concert in Hartford, Connecticut,...