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Oh No, These Sad ‘Alt Right’ Dudes Think They Are Reservoir Dogs Now!

The only thing getting robbed here is you, of the 2 minutes of your life you will never get back.

Let’s All Laugh At This Awful MRA Meme About How ‘Feminism Indoctrinates Our Children’

Have you taken your daily vitamins yet today? I hope so! But in addition to that, I've also got a hefty dose of RED PILL for you. In the form of one of the most hilarious/sad manosphere memes I...

Baton Rouge Cop-Killer Was Sovereign Citizen *And* Black Radical. Two Great Tastes, Etc., Etc.

Gavin Long, the suspect in the killings of three Louisiana cops, believed the law didn't apply to him, because 'freedom.'

Deleted Comments Of The Week: You Sheeple Represent What Is Sad About America

We heard from the Usual Gang of Idiots this week, but sadly, not a one of them is smart enough to work for MAD magazine.
To The Management: Please correct this image. I would never use Courier. On second thought, never mind. You people would just replace it with Comic Sans.

Deleted Comments Of The Week: A Dip Into The Archives… Of Dips

Everybody is stupid and also the worst. Except for you!

Cry All You Want, This Handsome Fella Will NOT Be Buying You Sluts Any Drinks!

Because he is a Man Going His Own Way, ok? Your Monday Cringefest!

Dilbert Guy Scott Adams: Why Won’t Any Of These ‘Women’ Give Terrorists A Hug?

How old is Yr Wonkette? We remember when Dilbert was still funny. While Scott Adams has been churning out the same old cubicle jokes for years, his real passion seems to have gone into blogging from an odious libertarian...
Yes, yes, he's from Texas, whatever. So sue for emotional damage.

Wisconsin Abortion Bill Lets Sad Daddies Sue If Their Sacred Sperm Is Wasted

Gosh, is there anything that could be more awful about Wisconsin's new abortion bill? How about a provision giving men the right to sue doctors for "emotional and psychological distress" when their precious genetic material is cruelly aborted after...
Won't someone please think of the men?

Men’s Rights Dude Tells Fox & Friends Why Marriage Is A Scam To Take His Man-Money

Tuesday's Fox & Friends had a pretty darned exciting segment with "Men's Rights" dweeb Peter Lloyd, who calls himself a "suffragent," and has written a book called Stand By Your Manhood, all about why men should never get trapped...
no, YOU take it back!

Gamergate ‘Documentary’ Derailed By Sad, We Mean ‘Hilarious,’ Men’s Rights Slapfight

"Gamergate" is basically about telling stupid women they need to shut up and stop trying to ruin videogaming culture by being feminists. It's featured a parade of horribles, like death and rape threats and really tragic crimes against logic....
To The Management: Please correct this image. I would never use Courier. On second thought, never mind. You people would just replace it with Comic Sans.

Deleted Comments: Alas, We Have Offended A Sensitive Soul (Or Men’s Rights Activist, Same Difference)

Your Wonkette isn't perfect, lord only knows, and when we err, we seek to make amends. Which brings us to this very important message from our comments queue, from "jrayhawk" (please, no Ray Jay Johnson jokes), who felt that...
Guess he taught that cuni a lesson.

How Are The Feminists Keeping Men From Getting Laid Today?

Nothing like kicking off 2015 with a few stories about how bad men have it in today's modern feminist-dominated world, where men are on the verge of being ruined by all these radical feminists running loose and running everything,...
And how long have you had these feelings of persecution?

Deleted Comments Of The Day: You Guys Aren’t Funny. Check Out Some Funny Conservative Satire

Time for more sludge from our comments queue, and we'll have you know it was no easy task hosing off our keyboard after this visit. First up, a note from "NasalVacuum," who we assume must be former Florida Rep. Trey Radel....

Men’s Rights Activists Gather To Fight Misandry, Drink Some Brews, Bro Out

Too bad we haven’t yet made our big move to Detroit, because this International Conference on Men’s Issues that was held there this weekend sounds like a total hoot. Who wouldn’t have fun in a roomful of angry shut-ins...

Deleted Comments Of The Day: Why All The Hatin’ On MRAs, Wonkette Dude?

We have nine million comments backed up in the queue, and they are just precious! We will make an effort to bring you as many of these "real characters" as we can in the next few installments of yr...