men’s rights

Too bad we haven’t yet made our big move to Detroit, because this International Conference on Men’s Issues that was held there this weekend sounds like a total hoot. Who wouldn’t have fun in a roomful of angry shut-ins embittered because the harlot to whom they had entrusted their bank accounts and their mighty seed […]

We have nine million comments backed up in the queue, and they are just precious! We will make an effort to bring you as many of these “real characters” as we can in the next few installments of yr Dear Shitferbrains. Let’s see what frothy goodness the internet has left lapping up against the sides […]

Glabrous scurf-picker Keith Ablow, who somehow maintains an on-air presence with Fox News despite being the worst psychiatrist in the world, devoted some quality Fox & Friends time Wednesday to the important issue of how the womens are just too uppity. You might think this would be a poor choice of topic just a few […]

One of the fun things about curating the comment queue is that we occasionally get brand-new comments on posts that are weeks or months old — such is the nature of the interwebs and search engines. And so today, we are delighted to bring you a Dear Shitferbrains comprising recent outrage over stuff that was […]

As the custodian of the comments queue, Yr Doktor Zoom sometimes gets a bit jaded — another day, another bunch of lines from rightwing bumper stickers. Today, though, we came in for withering butthurt from a reader who wants us to know that Wonkette’s piece on the detention of Glenn Greenwald’s partner was very, very […]

In yet another example of How Men Are Oppressed In These Difficult Times, Limey nutsack Peter Lloyd wrote a thing in the Daily Mail recently explaining that he is suing his gym because they have a certain number of hours for women only. It’s a shocking infringement of his Right To See Ladies In Spandex, […]

Here is something that the Internet went and puked up on our digital doorstep a few days back: a collection of Microsoft Office-based editorial artwork designed to provide inspiration and motivation to “The Manosphere.” And what is the “Manosphere?” We’ll let the anti-MRA blog Manboobz do the ‘splainin: The Manosphere: The loose collection of blogs, […]

Iowa state Senator Mark Chelgren was laughed out of the room just because he tried to amend a Health and Human Services budget bill to include drug-testing all divorced moms if their exes who pay them child support demand it. Man, divorced dads get no respect! We are not sure if “demand drug testing for […]