men’s rights

As the custodian of the comments queue, Yr Doktor Zoom sometimes gets a bit jaded — another day, another bunch of lines from rightwing bumper stickers. Today, though, we came in for withering butthurt from a reader who wants us to know that Wonkette’s piece on the detention of Glenn Greenwald’s partner was very, very […]

In yet another example of How Men Are Oppressed In These Difficult Times, Limey nutsack Peter Lloyd wrote a thing in the Daily Mail recently explaining that he is suing his gym because they have a certain number of hours for women only. It’s a shocking infringement of his Right To See Ladies In Spandex, […]

Here is something that the Internet went and puked up on our digital doorstep a few days back: a collection of Microsoft Office-based editorial artwork designed to provide inspiration and motivation to “The Manosphere.” And what is the “Manosphere?” We’ll let the anti-MRA blog Manboobz do the ‘splainin: The Manosphere: The loose collection of blogs, […]

Iowa state Senator Mark Chelgren was laughed out of the room just because he tried to amend a Health and Human Services budget bill to include drug-testing all divorced moms if their exes who pay them child support demand it. Man, divorced dads get no respect! We are not sure if “demand drug testing for […]