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Your Weekly Top Ten Is Not Jealous Of Ivanka Trump


Trump You’re Firing Staff Over OTHER Leaking. Wonkagenda For Tues., May 30, 2017

White House begins to 'You're Fired' people, Trump butchers the National Anthem, and fighting over slut pills is back. Again. Your morning news brief.
Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day

We Are Now, As Ever, At War With Eastasia. Happy Memorial Day From Yr Wonkette.

Our traditional Memorial Day post.
What are we supposed to do with these finger puppets? What are 'fingers' anyway?

Wonkagenda: Thursday, August 25, 2016

You get in here and read your news brief, RIGHT NOW!
Someone help him, please

Never Wrong Bill Kristol Says Independent Candidate Will Challenge Trump, LOL OK We’ll See

Sunday afternoon, Bill Kristol decided to leave a Memorial Day 'news' dump on Twitter. There will be a new candidate! It will be a good candidate! Bill Kristol is sure of it, and he's never wrong!
Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day

We Are Now, As Ever, At War With Eastasia. Happy Memorial Day From Yr Wonkette.

We originally ran this post for Memorial Day 2015. It's a lovely read, so we decided it should be reposted this year. The Washington Post has pulled together a sobering chart that allows readers to determine what percentage of their...

Bundy Boys So Mad Jail Is So Much Like Jail. Your Weekly Top Ten

Life is so hard when you are a jailed member of the Bundy criminal syndicate family! Our top post this week, because this is your weekly top ten thingamahoozit post (on a holiday weekend!), is by far the thing...
Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day

We Are Now, As Ever, At War With Eastasia. Happy Memorial Day From Yr Wonkette.

  While the editorial "we" is house style at Wonkette, we will use the less-pretentious "I" for the duration of this post, because we can occasionally turn the snark off, we swear. Starting now. The Washington Post has pulled together a...

Wingnuts Outraged: HBO Lady Lena Dunham Pees All Over Memorial Day

Say, would you believe that conservative blogonauts found something to spend Memorial Day DEEPLY OFFENDEDED over? Yes, we know, what are the odds? The shocking contretemps involved Lena Dunham, that terrible awful young lady who made an innuendo-laden video...

‘Politicizing’ Now Simply Refers To Obama Saying Anything

Blah blah Breitbart who cares, we know, but don't you fancy this headline? The poor sucker who had to update Breitbart.com on Memorial Day, and knew he had to slam Obama for speaking on Memorial Day somehow, settled on...

Welcome To Miami Beach, Urban Kids, Now Go To Jail

Do not fear, Miami Beach! Sure, lots and lots of African American youths are expected on your white sand shores for Memorial Day weekend, but luckily your PD is ready for them, and that is by instituting a "quota"...

Obama Hates Troops So Much He Played Golf On Memorial Day

Why does Horrible Person Barack Obama not know that it is totally inappropriate to relax and play golf on Memorial Day? It's like he's peeing on the bodies of dead soldiers. Crabby Brit commentator Nile Gardiner can't understand why...

Sarah Palin Honors Vets With Photo Of Herself On A Motorcycle

Happy Memorial Day! It is time to honor America's War Heroes, meaning Sarah Palin. America's favorite snowbilly grifter showed up Sunday at "Rolling Thunder," a non-partisan organization which raises awareness of veterans' issues through the display of motorcycles that...

Why Did Obama Ask Allah To Shoot Bolts Of Lightning At Soldiers’ Graves?

It was enough of a slap in America's face for Barack Obama to skip the wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery in favor of one at his precious Chicago thug-controlled "Abraham Lincoln National Ceremony," which isn't even accredited by...

BP Apologizes For Ruining Your Three-Day Weekend (and the Earth)

Happy Memorial Day, Americans! (Because of the Constitution, you are the only people on the planet to have a day honoring your soldiers, so enjoy it! Foreigners just cold eat their war casualties, "to avenge the fallen.") And don't...