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Deleted Comments: So John Lewis Got Hit On The Head That One Time. Big Deal!

For some reason, we heard from a lot of people who aren't racists this week.

Hey, White Ladies! 4Chan Wants To Meme Some Babies Into Your Womb!

They are calling this Operation B.A.B.B.Y.!

Intelligence Experts Agree: Russia 5 To 10 Years Behind In Meme Technology

They're Russian dancing memes / They might be going to extremes / They've got confusing Cold War themes / Is it as clumsy as it seems?

Alt-Right ‘Pick-Up Artist’ Knows Dank Meme That Will Deliver The Election To Donald Trump

Heartiste, a white nationalist MRA alt-right pick-up artist Trump supporter, is pretty sure calling male Clinton supporters unmanly will make them vote for Trump.

Wonkagenda: September 28th, 2016

You get in here and read your news brief, RIGHT NOW!

Let’s All Laugh At This Awful MRA Meme About How ‘Feminism Indoctrinates Our Children’

Have you taken your daily vitamins yet today? I hope so! But in addition to that, I've also got a hefty dose of RED PILL for you. In the form of one of the most hilarious/sad manosphere memes I...
Can we agree that the baby being OK is a good thing? Maybe we can agree on that.

Shooting Of Gorilla At Cincinnati Zoo Prompts Humans To Fling Poop At Other Humans

A three-year-old boy fell into a gorilla exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo Saturday, and after a 400-pound male Western lowland silverback gorilla grabbed the child, zookeepers shot the endangered animal dead. The boy was rescued and reportedly unharmed. The...

PSA: Bernie Supporters, Please Don’t Let This Internet Meme Murder You Dead

Hey, Bernie Fans! Look at that meme up there! Isn't that a fun idea, if you are a Bernie fan under 25 who is into raves or gay sex (or both!), to have glow sticks for Bernie? OK, well,...
God has a cruel sense of humor

Gal Who Looks Like Ted Cruz Will Do Porno For $10K; You Can Not Watch It For Free

The internet is a wonderful thing. It brings us amusing My Little Pony memes, cat videos, and GIFs of people falling off stuff, pow, right on their bottoms. And porn, of course. So it makes perfect sense that the...
Never should have installed that Romney2012 emulator

Marco Rubio Will Pay You To Make Fun Of Him Forever And Ever

You may have missed it in all the excitement over that thrilling sportsball contest where the team with the one bunch of guys beat the team with the other bunch of guys, and there were lots of poop commercials,...
Tough questions

Fox News Teaches Dumbass Viewers How To Use New ‘Facebook’ Thing Real Good

BREAKING "FOX & FRIENDS" UPDATE, EVERYONE! Have you heard about the new thing making waves during this election season? It is called "Internets" and it just came out today! And included free of charge on Internets is a new...

Texas Ag Commissioner Doesn’t Really Want To Nuke All The Muslims. OR DOES HE?

We all know the normal steps in political gaffe management: 1) Somebody says something really stupid, often on social media; 2) The incredibly stupid/offensive/impolitic social media post is removed; 3) A spokesperson explains that the gaffe was committed by...

2014: The Year All Rape Ended Forever Because It Never Existed Obviously

In the early days of 2014, the world was a simpler, happier place. Bill Cosby was still a kindly, grandfatherly funnyman and not a horrible monster rapist, and we all enjoyed playfully teasing him about his sweaters and Jell-O...