Some crazy shit went down after the State of the Union, and we’re not talking about Michael Grimm. Rachel Maddow asks Kansas Rep. Tim Huelskamp to elaborate on the tweets he sent during the speech, and he quickly accelerates from grumpy to bonkers. Say hello to your new anger-bear star, America! READ MORE

Joe Walsh has a new Fox News pundit audition tape out! See, Joe has been carefully studying Roger Ailes’ stable of shrieky little porcupines over there during his constant talking head appearances on the channel. So here he is trying out a “full Bill O’Reilly” during a constituent meet-up, by screaming his bloody head off […]

Do you get the feeling America is in actual meltdown, for real this time, and that the outcome is as hazy as some night-time web video streaming on Al Jazeera from Libya or Bahrain or wherever? Pictured above is a Twitter post by Indiana Deputy Attorney General Jeff Cox, who responded to a Mother Jones […]