Tucker Carlson’s right-wing whack-job blog has discovered there’s another openly partisan website, but this one is liberal! We will go ahead and not worry about reading the hard-hitting investigation in The Daily Caller that reveals Media Matters of America is just what it claims to be, an anti-wingnut collection of outrages from Fox News and […]

Oh hi, how is the State of the Union? Sounds pretty gassy so far, what with the drilling for natural gas in every national park, and the drilling for more Blackwater spills on every U.S. coast, and shale oil extraction to ruin the Earth for a thousand generations, etc. Yay? Why not just, uh, stop […]

We have, let’s see, zero interest in the dull antics of the AM talk radio hosts. But now and then, one of their desperate stunts percolates through the layers of illiteracy and finally appears over here on the “reading medium,” the Internet blogs. So, here you go: Parody wingnut radio host Michael “Savage” Weiner has […]

Is the War of Libya over? Who knows. How about the War In Iraq? Kind of dull these days, we guess. War against Afghanistan? Very expensive and busy, as always, but it’s mostly boring Robot Raptors laser-blasting poor families in mud huts. And then we (ha ha, “we”) have soldiers and troops and special forces […]

Remember when Barack Obama couldn’t go two hours without a press conference or a speech or an appearance somewhere? Now he just hides in his bunker doing NCAA brackets and sexting the Republicans in Congress, but he will supposedly pop his head of the hole and see his nuclear shadow any second now (he’s 15 […]

About two-hundred years ago, our enemies The Rooskies put an alive dog in a space capsule and shot it into orbit, for laughs. Russians have a very dark sense of humor. But Americans — especially the kind of Americans who run things, in Washington — do not have any sense of humor at all. Instead […]

Are we really going to do this? Elena Kagan just walked in, hugged and kissed some ladies (?!) and some men (?!) and now Patrick Leahy is introducing everybody and explaining what’s happening. What is happening? Well, Senator Byrd died! Everybody’s so sad. Everybody’s so sad that it’s going to be impossible to really pay […]

Ha ha, how’d that “White House investigation” go, Barack? Pretty good, we bet: “It has been suggested that the Administration may have offered Congressman Sestak the position of Secretary of the Navy in the hope that he would accept the offer and abandon a Senate candidacy. This is false.” Hooray! But what about the other […]

MIDNIGHT MASSACRE  11:13 pm May 18, 2010

by Ken Layne

BLANCHE LINCOLN MUST SUFFER HUMILIATING RUNOFF: With 43% of the precincts reporting, it seems Senator Blanche Lincoln will continue having difficulty voting, as she will have to do a run-off against Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter, because right now it’s Lincoln 44%-Halter 42%. But she is expected to win the runoff, and maybe win her seat […]

So is there any correlation between today’s presidential announcement about drilling, baby, drilling for oil off these specific sections of America’s Coastlines? Ha ha, well yes, there is. States that voted for John McCain get to enjoy oil spills and coastal devastation. Not that they’re the kind of people who own swimwear or go to […]

DO OVERS  2:14 pm March 25, 2010

by Ken Layne

ARGH: “The U.S. House of Representatives will have to vote again on changes to a landmark overhaul of the country’s health system after the Senate’s parliamentarian rejected two provisions in the measure. Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad, a North Dakota Democrat, said the changes are minor and related to education, not health care. Still, […]

Did Barack Obama sext you today? Us too! If you deleted it already, this is what it says: Call the 202-559-4225 number and you will be connected to the Congressional Switchboard (Eric Massa masturbating) and tell them your district or where you live or whatever, and they will connect you, and you tell the staffer […]

Important cable teevee station CNN has commissioned two (2) polls of the Americans, and the results are bad for the Tea Baggers’ beloved “U.S. Constitution” and “Democracy,” so it’s a good thing those people don’t actually like either of those things, when it leads to a common slave becoming the so-called “People’s President” who puts […]

Did you know that the various “experts” and “guests” and “pundits” on the cable-news shows are almost all corporate shills and lobbyists for various death conglomerates? This is true, and actually kind of obvious to many skilled media observers — just these two guys, really — but The Nation would still like you to know […]

As if the amazing revelations that New York Governor David Paterson has a pal who sucks weren’t enough, now the New York Times has an even sexier sex-related scandal to report! It seems that when it comes to actual governing, Paterson is kind of “meh” and would prefer to hang out in the Hamptons with […]