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Why can’t Californians have nice things? Because the “Golden Dream by the Sea” was all yeah eat me when HP CEO Meg Whitman tried to save it from itself the same way she has saved Hewlett Packard! What is it about “Creative Destruction” that California doesn’t understand? As typewriters and steel mills and Hewlett Packard […]

Unloved corporate failure Meg Whitman was last seen insisting that she should be governor of California because goddammit, she paid $141 million to be governor of California. And now the former eBay executive has re-appeared on the public stage, with news that she will be hired to run the ruined tech company Hewlett Packard. The […]

Remember Meg Whitman, the poor little rich girl who got savagely trounced when Jerry Brown came out of his meditative trance one day, late in the election year, and said, “Oh yeah, I used to be California’s governor. I will be that again,” and then he destroyed her? Do you also remember that Meg Whitman […]

With polls closed in the bankrupt republic of California, ABC 7 in Los Angeles is bravely sticking to Dancing With the Stars. Everything about tonight is fantastic. But what about the “Year of the Billionaire Woman,” that thing we had in 2010? Did Meg Whitman manage to buy a very expensive thing almost nobody else […]

Meg Whitman has finally realized that she can’t buy the Governorship of California on eBay — which really sucks for her, because she has already spent hundreds of millions of her own dollars trying to do exactly that! So on to Plan B: Deport her former housekeeper, the Illegal Mexican Nicky Diaz Santillan! It “breaks […]

Let’s check in with our California Bureau to see what’s going on with all the hawt governor races and Senate races and the Marijuana Legalize It law and other such concerns in the world’s fifth sixth seventh ninth tenth biggest failed economy. First, the Republican lady who destroyed so many lives in California, Carly Fiorina, […]

McDonald’s was SECRETLY Halal for a day or two, which infuriated the Teabaggers because they paid for PIG-anus, goddamnit, not some disgusting Sharia meat. [Creeping Sharia] Science proves that Moses used miracle wind-power, just like Captain Planet, to part the Red Sea. [InstituteForCreationResearch] Monopolies are actually GOOD for competitive enterprise, because it makes the competition […]

By the Comics CurmudgeonRemember when we elected a young, handsome president? This was a whole 23 months ago, so obviously the sweet blush of youth is long gone from the man’s face, replaced by a sort of tired, ashy pallor. The presidency is a killer — never doubt this! But in a way, Barack Obama’s […]

Gloria Allred, one of those high-profile controversial lawyer people, shoved Meg Whitman’s former illegal immigrant housekeeper into the limelight today, because now is a pretty good time to do that. Nicky Diaz–Santillan worked for Whitman for nine illegal years, but was apparently fired when Whitman was preparing to run for governor because she was illegal. […]

Should we liveblog the Jerry v. Meg death match? Well, we just held an election on Twitter and we won with 99.7% of the vote! So join us at 6PM California Death-Heat Time for the California Gov Debate, starring the Jedi monk Jerry Brown (of California’s famous 1970s) and that person whose face is on […]

When will Meg Whitman apologize for saying insensitive things about Fresno? Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman on Tuesday told the San Jose Mercury News editorial board that “Fresno looks like Detroit. It’s awful.”

You know who hates Meg Whitman? Everybody who ever had to deal with her, that’s who. The Los Angeles Times reports: Pierre Omidyar, who created EBay and hired Meg Whitman as his company’s chief executive, said Tuesday that he would not endorse her and would find it “difficult” to vote for her for governor if […]

Meg Whitman, the Republican gubernatorial candidate in California, is the People’s Candidate. Meg Whitman knows this in her heart, and that is why Meg Whitman donated an ass-ton of money to herself, again: With her announcement Tuesday that she had contributed another $15 million of her personal fortune to her quest to defeat Attorney General […]

Not all of Meg Whitman’s ads are about how much she loves Mexicans. Some of them are about how Bill Clinton hates Jerry Brown and thinks Gloria Estefan is a goddess of the stage. Elect Meg Whitman, California, and you will have four more years of Zubaz. [Weigel]

WHAT? Speak American! Meg Whitman has decided to court the Messicans in her race for California governor, and here is her first ad. It airs today during a soccer match, so apparently she’s trying to get the gay vote too. What is being said? WE DON’T KNOW, WE’RE AMERICAN. So here’s an attempt to figure […]