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You guys are gonna be sorry you ever said anything mean about Young Meg McCabe, for serious, because her new Playboy interview is out and she is basically the greatest political progeny ever. That’s right — even better than Amy Carter! Remember how you felt about Sarah Palin, when she was just Wonkette’s GILF and […]

Well, Meghan McCain loves skull rings and Keith Richards loves skull rings — he kind of did it first — and Keith Richards supposedly snorted up some of his cremated father’s ashes, so of course Meghan McCain is going to actually eat her father’s ribs when he dies. This is in a New York Times […]

And what has the politics biblioburro brought us this week? Why, it’s Dirty Sexy Politics by Meghan McCain, America’s flaxen-haired princess of dirt and sex and politics. Meg is a Renaissance Woman, you see: heiress to beer treasures, daughter of ancient sea beast John McCain, Twitress, columnist for Tina Brown’s Internet bestiality mag, plus an author […]

America’s #1 internationally famous web-only human being Meg McCabe will be hosting The View today, widely considered to be the Oscars and Grammys combined of February 4th. Anyone remember if this show is live? Anyone think Googling would be “worth it”? [Twitter]

SOME DEAD POETS SOCIETY SHIT  1:56 pm January 23, 2010

by Juli Weiner

A PARAPHRASE OF HIS 2006 COLUMBIA COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS, PROBABLY: “How many fucking times do I have to go to fucking New York this week? How many fucking times can you fucking graduate from fucking Columbia?” – John McCain, biological father of Meg McCabe, Columbia ’07/Twitter ’10. (Game Change, p. 238.) In lumine Tipster “Dave P.” […]

How do you say ” : ( ” in Twitter-speak? UPDATE: More randomly chosen POLITICS BUZZWORDS—let’s call it a “clarification,” for the sake of irony—after the jump.

“Arizona’s Sy Hersh” Meghan McCain has uncovered secret publicly available newspaper articles, YouTube videos and blog posts indicating without a doubt that Michael Steele purposely sought to win his current chairmanship of the RNC. This proves intent! Which has all sorts of corollary sub-meaning, contextually. For example: did you know it is the definition of […]

A perfectly logical explanation for this, after the jump!

Just FYI, despite the inaccuracies of the trust Your Facebook Inbox Newswire, Meghan McCain was not mugged and knifed last night—no backwards “M” was carved!

Now Meghan McCain is going to defend Joe Lieberman! No do not groan, this will be great! You know, at some point, someone will presumably let Meghan McCain in on the Meghan McCain “in-joke.” This will be a very sad day. Exhibit A, from beautiful, young Meg’s Daily Beast column: “I find it especially ironic […]

It’s here it’s here it’s here! We have not slept since Meghan McCain first promised the promised Daily Beast column in which she would refuse to apologize for her boobs’ preference for pop art. This was the biggest scandal in D.C. politics, just yesterday. “And I hadn’t even exposed a nipple,” she whines emptily and […]

WHAT UP Meg McCabe? It’s gonna be like this, is it? “After my recent appearance on Jay Leno, one Web site posted a comment from the editor saying, mockingly, they have a ‘NEW ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for comments of a certain strain about young Meg’s physical appearance. She is an impressionable young brilliant Republican strategist!’ […]

Well! Now you have gone and done it! Meghan McCain is so furious about the lack of positive attention she received upon posting a photo of her boobs wearing a tank top that she is THISCLOSE to committing the unthinkable: not posting photos of herself online. Ha, no no, just kidding, obviously not that. …she […]

Meghan McCain stopped by American University yesterday to chat with the young college people of today. She is so hip to their jive—she even likes Gays, the most fabulous new store at the Phoenix Mall! She spoke with a reporter at the campus paper The Eagle, who surprised old Meg by asking her, immediately, why […]

On Wednesday and Thursday the Internet’s First Daughter, Meghan McCain, will be appearing on The View, America’s most threatening daytime pastiche! She will be filling in for one of the ladies, the Elizabeth one, who plays an uninformed blond conservative named “Elizabeth.” It will be the greatest performance of young Meg’s blossoming guest-hosting/role modeling/media criticism/blog/Tina […]