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This child can't stand Maureen Dowd either

Wonkagenda: Wednesday, September 7, 2016

You get in here and read your news brief, RIGHT NOW!
The bowl of petunias only said, 'Oh no, not again.'

Deleted Comments Of The Week: Hey, Libturds, A Jar Of Pickles Is Not A Medical Exam!

In which our deleted commenters treat a comedy sketch like the Zapruder film. We can hardly wait for the Dinesh D'Souza feature-length documentary on Picklegate.
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Donald Trump’s Physician Says Trump Will Be The Classiest Healthiest President Ever

You have to figure that if you are Donald Trump, you probably want to surround yourself with people that are pretty much exactly like you. Boisterous bullyboys with the only the loosest relationship with the truth. Hyperbole-fueled nightmare demons...

‘Death Panel’ Inventor Betsy McCaughey Warns Obamacare Will Force Doctors To Ask You About Buttsex

If there's anyone we can trust for her expertise on health care policy, it's Betsy McCaughey, the genius who decided that if Medicare pays for seniors to meet with a doctor to discuss living wills, that's a DEATH PANEL....

Tea Party Nation President: Obama Is Obviously A Gay Black Crack Addict

What are two things that are exactly the same? Are they "Arab witch-hunts" and "questions about Mitt Romney's tax returns"? No. Those two things are not the same, as we proved with our persuasive logic yesterday. But here are...

Read Sarah Palin’s Important Medical Fax!

Well, that's it, people! After weeks of saying, "oh yeah, let us get those records together, all those detailed and important medical records, there are so many of them to compile," Sarah Palin's people pooped out this doozy last...

Sarah Palin Releases Medical Records Fax From Some Doctor

So much news from doomed loser snowbilly Sarah Palin tonight! Her rogue campaign is going super-rogue, by, uh, getting her own investigator to release a new investigation saying that, actually, she did not abuse her power with the crazy...