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Come get your Free Pot, Hippie Takers!

Nice Time! California Got Criminal Justice Reform In Your Legal Weed!

This is the smart way to decriminalize marijuana: Retroactively.

Here Is Some Crazy Racist Marijuana News For A Change And Surprise!

Kansas clearly needs a lot more square dancing.

Chief Narc Jeff Sessions To Lock YOU Up, For Doing Jazz And Reefer

Nobody likes a narc, Jeff.

Trump And McConnell In Epic Bitchfight. Wonkagenda For Wed., Aug. 23, 2017

Trump holds another rally, the military is holding everything together, and the NRA wants to kill all the cute critters. Your morning news brief!

Top Narc Jeff Sessions Coming For Your Devil Weed, Hippies!

This aggression will not stand, man.

Civil Rights Nice Time! Oakland Bogarts All Pot Permits For Black People Arrested In War On Drugs!

The Oakland City Council is using pot permits to undo some of the excesses of the War on Drugs. Freakin' California, what'll they think of next?

How Do You Find Medical Marijuana In Faraway Lands? There’s A Website For That!

Greetings Wonkerinos, we bring you glad tidings of great joy, and also legal medical marijuana, which, SCIENCE FACT, is a thing, at least in certain parts of the country! But what happens if you are, say, a human creature...
Huck would like to bitch and moan some more please.

Mike Huckabee Youth Outreach: Yelling At Stoners To Go Die In A War

As we all know from his heartless reactions to Syrian refugees and the way he covered up his son's dog-murder, Mike Huckabee is #FordTough. He ain't got time to listen to all you liberals saying, "I would like a...

Kids These Days So Lame They Don’t Even Get Potted Up On Legal Weed

We've been hearing the arguments for years from the Reefer Madness crowd: If you legalize drugs, then EVERYBODY will get potted up on weed, because removing the "forbidden fruit" aspect from things always makes them more appealing. Well it turns...
Nice try, weedhead quadrilegics!

Colorado Supreme Court Solves Pressing Problem Of Stoner Quadriplegics In The Workplace

So now that Colorado has legalized people getting all potted up on weed for both medical and recreational purposes, you might think everything is mellow and awesome and Doritos sales are through the roof, right? You would think wrong,...

Step Right Up And Get Your Vaginal Probe: Your Florida Roundup

So you guys already know how dumb Florida is. But can you imagine how dumb Florida’s community colleges are? No you cannot. Here, have a gander: Two Florida college students say they were forced to submit to vaginal probes as...

Cool, Kansas Is Ripping Kids Away From Medical Marijuana Advocates Now

Suppose you are a medical marijuana advocate, having successfully used cannabis oil to treat your own Crohn's Disease. And suppose you lived for a time in Colorado, where medical marijuana is legal, but then, because fate apparently hates you, you...
Happy birthday, you young thing!

President Obama Is Maybe Cool With You Tokin’ Up, For Your ‘Health’

If the President Barry H. Bamz (D-Choom Gang) thinks medical marijuana might be good for you, who are we to argue? CNN's chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta, a vocal supporter of the legalization of medical marijuana, asks Obama in the...
The latest Stoned Pony

Suddenly Everyone* Wants To Legalize Weed (*Not Everyone)

To bring to life the old cliché that libertarians are just Republicans who want to get high, a couple of conservatives have unexpectedly supported various changes to marijuana laws this week. What's more, there's even a bill in the...
Cancer patients have a lot of laughs too!

New Surgeon General Will Get America Higher Than A Richard Linklater Movie

In yet another sign that the Apotcalypse is nearly upon us, the recently confirmed surgeon general of the United States, Vivek Murthy, said on national television that marijuana just might not be a demon weed that inevitably leads mild-mannered...
Thanks but no thanks

GOP Governor Rauner Will Let Illinois Grow Ganja, For Your Health

Republican gazillionaire and super-expensive wine enthusiast Bruce Rauner has a long history of being a total jerk-faced jerk, even though he has only been governor of Illinois for about five and half seconds. But high five for this one,...