medical marijuana

So the House did an amazingly rational thing — yes, we are all quite shocked, quite — and voted to prohibit “the DEA from spending funds to arrest state-licensed medical marijuana patients.” Hooray! We can smoke ‘em if we got ‘em for medical reasons! The bill passed with bipartisan support, 219-189. Finally, Democrats and Republicans […]

Some people are only able to help the world in one measly way, like writing dick jokes on the internet. Some people, however, are doubleheaded helpers, and want to give the world both spiritual guidance and also too medical help. Take, for instance, one Melody Kenyon of Colorado. Helping hands healer person Ms. Kenyon was […]

Yeah, this one’s not going to cause any rightwing freakouts: A proposal in the District of Columbia would require that marijuana dispensaries set aside 2% of profits to assist low-income people with medical marijuana purchases. Tell us about it, Washington Times: Under the regulatory proposal, dispensaries would give at least a 20 percent discount on […]

There’s likely a considerable Venn diagram overlap between regular Wonkette readers and people who are down with the medicinal Mary Jane. Mebbe you are not so much into the indulging, but you are probably not terrified that legal weed is the end of civilization because you are not our grandparents. But, on the slim chance […]

Your average American is far too savvy a consumer to just go and do things because it’s a “civic duty” or whatever. These are people who won’t even buy a 12-pack of soda unless it’s on an endcap at the supermarket and is being pushed at 50 percent off, so why should they go to […]

Scott Adams became famous by using his comic strip Dilbert to satirize life as a cubicle-drone. He crafted the characters as hopeless, tie-wearing corporate types who have long since given up fighting the inefficient bureaucracy in which they operate. It makes people feel better — it’s an office they can relate to, sure, but they […]

In a CLEARLY partisan move, a federal court is going to review “evidence” and “science” and listen to a bunch of “doctors” so they can decide once and for all if the American people should be free to get highhhhhhh. For the first time in 20 years, a federal court will review scientific evidence on […]

There was a video posted online yesterday, friends. A video showcasing such unparalleled gall, such an absurd devotion to nonsensical untruths, that it could have only come from one place: Congress. It is a video of Colorado Congressman Jared Polis taking a large, thick-streamed whiz on whatever credibility the Drug Enforcement Administration had left — […]

We think this might have been how Bing Crosby looked when he got too much Scotch in him and started beating on his wife and kids. What brings the scary early scenes of The Stepfather out of mild-mannered Mittens? QUESTIONS! Questions about gay marriage, and children of undocumented workers getting in-state tuition, and medical marijuana, […]

Happy National Marijuana Day, hippies, because you will soon be able to get marijuana legally if you’re all fukk’d up and dying: “The D.C. Council unanimously approved a bill Tuesday to allow chronically ill patients to receive a doctor’s prescription to use marijuana and buy it from a city-sanctioned distribution center. Under the bill, which […]

Medical marijuana is now legal in the nearby state of New Jersey! This is a thing MTV orchestrated, for its popular Jersey Shore documentary series. [New York Times] Miep Gies, the very nice Dutch lady who hid Anne Frank and her family from the cast of Jersey Shore, has died at 100. [Washington Post] Today […]

Good news! If you live any of the states that is not one of the lame ones—that is, one of fourteen that is cool with marijuana for medical whatever—then Obama will not arrest you for that. “Two Justice Department officials described the new policy to The Associated Press, saying prosecutors will be told it is […]

Barry Obama promised to answer the most popular user-submitted Internet questions during his ongoing “Online Town Hall” today, which is simply a feed of a regular real-life town hall — NO ROBOTS AT ALL. Anyway, since all anyone on the Internet wanted to know was whether he would let them smoke marijuana without getting arrested, […]