Hiya, Wonketeers! Do you know what Vladimir Putin’s annexation of the Crimea means for the New Russian Century? We do not, we are a peen-joke blog, so we rely on experts to expertlain it to us. Whaddaya got, Maureen Dowd? Obama wears mom jeans, blah, blah Hillary 2016? No, too 2008. How about you, William […]

Back on Tuesday, we tried valiantly to explain to you how Mediaite managing editor Jon Nicosia was a pen name for one Zachary Hildreth. Far be it from us to criticize using a fake name, but generally we are not doing it to cover up our string of felonies as Hildreth was. Well, except Dok […]

Do you enjoy complicated stories about high-profile Internet journalists and their lying and stealing and going to prison-ing yet somehow keeping their jobs? No, this is not about Dok Zoom or me. Over the weekend, Mediaite managing editor Jon Nicosia wrote a casual column about how he is a two-time felon working under a fake […]

Updated Update: OK, got the video working! It’s right after the jump! Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher sent us a tip with some exclusive video of a Code Pink protest across the street from the White House today while Barry Bamz met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. As is their trademark, they were not especially polite: […]

Here at Wonkette, we are really making a play to be your full-service blog. We’ve become your go-to source for swears-laden posts about New Pope, haphazard legal analysis about legal decisions, and deeply ambivalent feelings about Edward Snowden. Now we’ve expanded our world domination plan to include fancypants talking about other media people so we […]

The fine people at Mediaite have an excellent ‘splainer braiding together the threads of onetime James O’Keefe comrade Nadia Naffe, her harassment complaint against him, the “night in the barn,” her upcoming tell-all, and other assorted completely unhilarious doings. They are better men than your editrix, who can barely read Naffe’s original harassment complaint without […]