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Dear Media: Can You Please Let Donald Trump Step On His OWN Dick? Thanks.


Is It Time For The Press To STFU About Hillary Clinton’s Press Conferences?

SPOILER: The answer is yes.

Hillary Clinton Hacked Up Lung In Cleveland, And NBC News Is ON IT!

Dear NBC: Delete your account.

Hillary Clinton’s Mental Health Policy Announcement Lost In Coverage Of Anthony Weiner’s Dick

Hillary Clinton released a detailed proposal to improve mental health care Monday, and it's largely gone unnoticed. That's just plain crazy.

Donald Trump Thanks America For Liking Hillary Clinton Better Than Him

Trump very excitedly tweeted a poll that shows him losing to Hillary. Is he just plain delusional now? (Yes.)

Newt Gingrich Wants America To Just Lie Back And Think Of Trumpland

Newt says that in order to fully enjoy the Donald Trump Experience, you just have to "relax and take it."

Trump Brings Back 1993 Vince Foster Suicide Conspiracies, Toe Rings Not Far Behind

Donald Trump refers to Vince Foster's suicide as 'very fishy' in Washington Post interview. You know WHAT ELSE is very fishy?

We Sure Yelled At The Media A Lot This Year, For Sucking

We here at ye olde Yr Wonkette are not A Journalist. Which does not mean we do not know how journalism is formed. We (yr editrix Rebecca Schoenkopf) went to journalism school, for journalism, and then taught college journalism...
San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan, i.e. the man with the information.

San Bernardino Was Terrorism And The Media Is A Mess. Your Weekly Top Ten.

Good Saturday morning, Wonkers! What a week, huh? We come back from Thanksgiving, only to be greeted by not one, but TWO grand scale mass shootings. Both religiously-motivated, it seems. Only one we're officially calling "terrorism," and we're calling...

MSNBC: Let’s Invade San Bernardino Suspect’s Mom’s Privacy, For ‘Journalism’

Hey ALL THE MEDIA, you still having fun investigatin' the San Bernardino terrorist attack? (Yes, we can call it that now, because the FBI confirmed it. See how that works, Fox News?) Have you come up with any new...

FBI Finally Calls It Terrorism, Fox News Needs New Shorts

For viewers at home who were hoping, for some sick reason we cannot fathom, the deadly shooting Wednesday in San Bernardino, California, by now-dead suspects Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, was a terrorist attack -- instead of simply another one of those...

Daily Beast Finds Terroristy Name In Phone Book, Solves San Bernardino Case

It's not like none of us in journalism has ever shit the bed on a story before; it's rather a rite of passage. I once made a "dead gay son" joke without realizing Randall Terry's gay son actually was...

Cops Disappoint Fox News Morons, Still Refuse To Call San Bernardino Shootings ‘Terrorism’

The Fox News Couch of Knicker-Jizzing Hysteria was in full effect Thursday morning. Andrea Tantaros, Meghan McCain, and whatever the other ones' names are yapped at each other, because the latest press conference on the San Bernardino shootings was...

Wussy President Obama Won’t Even Bomb ISIS For San Bernardino Shootings

Despite repeated calls by Fox News on Wednesday night for the president to finally put on his daddy jeans and automatically label acts of violence committed by anyone whose name sure sounds Muslimy "radical Islamic Muslimical extremist jihad holy war...