media whores

Human feces clump media whore Congressman Joe Walsh lurvs the attentionz! Except when it is about how he is a terrible loser with regard to the actual people who depend on him, his children. Therefore, we will provide this Important Update on the ONGOING SAGA of “why is Joe Walsh such a deadbeat dad?” because […]

Ancient Aztec death-mummy and known media whore John McCain participated in his usual Sunday ritual yesterday: he crashed his plane in Vietnam and then put in an appearance on Meet the Press. And on that very important talk show, he said something that was actually true! You will never guess what that true thing was! […]

We kind of like the young Alaskan who mistakenly knocked up Alex Rodriguez, which is why it’s so difficult to watch Pat Buchanan uttering this wild-eyed suggestion to drown him, in the crick. Buchanan is such a racist against the descendants of gold miners. [Media Matters]