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Nice Time: MRC Posts ‘Gotcha’ Video About California’s Transgender Locker Room Law, Accidentally Fills It With Nuance And Thoughtfulness

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Joe The Plumber Looks To Bone Someone At Anti-Media Dinner



Gossip Roundup: Gala Day


* Heard on the Hill: Chaos at the Capitol as a crazy woman tries to take a cop’s gun and a bunch of suspicious packages are found…. Steve Cohen is totally screwing Cybill Shepard… “Wryly acknowledging his reputation as a ...

Gossip Roundup: John Snow, Big Spender


Reliable Source: John Snow brings entourage of reporters, aides, and security to go holiday shopping. . . D.C. Style magazine believes sex sells. . . Bob Novak, Dan Snyder, Bernard Shaw spotted at Redskins-Cowboys game. [MOAR WORDS!