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Bill O’Reilly And Fans Of Tim Allen Think Liberals Have Magic Powers Over The Television

Were Bill O'Reilly's firing and the cancellation of 'Last Man Standing' the nefarious work of an evil left-wing cabal? Don't we wish!

GOTCHA! Fake News Master James O’Keefe Catches CNN Editor Promising To DO JOURNALISM!

James O'Keefe tries to destroy CNN's credibility, and does a worse job of it than any given Don Lemon newscast.

Trump Cosmo Quiz! Is Trump The Dreamiest Prez Ever, Or Is The Media A Bunch Of Lying Pigs?

And surprise! He would like some money, please.

A Children’s Treasury Of Post-Debate Turd Polishing

Just how bigly Did Donald Trump win? If you're Kellyanne Conway, the bigliest!
lalala I can't hear you

Donald Trump Doesn’t Have To Concede. All He Has To Do Is Lose.

Donald Trump, according to everybody, challenged either a pillar or a cornerstone of American Democracy at Thursday's debate when he said he'd have to think over whether he'd agree that he lost if he loses. One way or the...

Ann Coulter Finally Stands Up For ‘Rape Victim,’ And It Is Somehow Donald Trump

Ann Coulter wants to know why all these GOP wusses are standing by and letting Donald Trump get 'raped' by the media.
Liberal Icons Everywhere

Let’s Meet The Dirty Cabal Of ‘Liberals’ Who Control The ‘Liberal Media’

Did you guys watch CNBC's shitty GOP Debate? True to their "First In Business" tagline, those free market champs gouged America with pay access for the privilege of watching a gaggle of hacks complain about any question that wasn't,...
biased pic i'm sure

Sexist Liberals Afraid Pig Farmer Joni Ernst Will Castrate Obama In SOTU Response

Bobby Jindal. Bob McDonnell. Paul Ryan. My Man Mitch. Thirsty Guy. CMR. Delivering the GOP's State of the Union rebuttal can launch a starry-eyed Republican to anywhere on a scale of Hapless Presidential Ticket to federal prison. So who, pray tell, will...

Fox News Takes Credit For Making Americans Less Likely To Blame Republicans, Yay!

Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum took a moment Wednesday to give Rupert Murdoch's propaganda outlet a little pat on her own back for the awesome job she and her network have been doing in shaping public perceptions: Thanks to...

Oh How Cute, Fox is Suddenly Worried About “Media Bias” and its Impact on Democracy

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Apparently there are "new questions" about the role of the media 2012 race! What kind of questions? Well, the kind Fox Nooz asks, like: why does the media insist on pointing out all the...

Wingnuts Furious Media Ignored Huge Crowds at Romney Rallies That Are Actually Obama Rallies

Matt Barber is an asshole, that is not "news." He tweeted the above famous photo of a Portland rally (which at the time, we recall, some Foxers claimed the huge crowds had turned out not for Obama but for...

Free Speech Under Siege: Obama’s Nazi Goons Censor Romney’s Dumb Ad

First, the Obama campaign released the Platonic Ideal of a campaign ad, a brief montage of empty factories and headlines about Willard Romney's vulture-capitalist hijinks at Bain Capital, accompanied by Mittens' accoustically-finessed assault on "America The Beautiful." The...

Michelle Obama Spends More Time on Television Than Actual Actors, According to Vague Statement

We have been following Michelle Obama's television escapades - most recently, an appearance on The Biggest Loser and Colbert - and we are not the only ones. Fox News would like you to know that Michelle Obama is now...

Michelle Obama’s Trip to Target Was Basically a Lie

Our FLOTUS is very fortunate, because there is no Wall Street Insanity, in her world. Michelle Obama lives a much calmer existence, in a place where simple questions ("Where do fat people come from?") have simple answers ("Arby's")....

Michele Bachmann: Reporting On Dumb Things I Say Proves Media Bias

Heartfelt chuckles and patronizing sighs were enjoyed by all when Michele Bachmann told a New Hampshire crowd on Saturday, "You're the state where the shot was heard around the world at Lexington and Concord." (New Hampshire is also the...