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Shit Sandwiches A Dish Best Served Cold. Wonkagenda For Fri., Feb. 17, 2017

The Muslim Ban is DEAD, Trump's NSC pick turns down the job, and Paul Ryan unveils Trump/RyanCare Your morning news brief!

LOL, Kellyanne Conway Thinks Justin Timberlake Will Play At Trump’s Inauguration

Maybe they can get Scott Baio to sing instead. Did you know Scott Baio tried to have a singing career, because he did, and it is hilarious.
Hello, IT. Have you tried forcing an unexpected reboot?

Doomsday e-Church Tries Turning Apocalypse Off And On Again: Your Saturday Nerdout

Happy Saturday, nerds! As you may have noticed, the world did not end Wednesday, even though it was very definitely supposed to, and it seems that the only people surprised by this development were the members of the eBible...

Fox & Friends: Why Doesn’t NBC’s Hurricane Sandy Telethon Have More People Who Sneer At People Who Need Help?

Well it is obviously Media Matters Day here on your Wonket, as they are our "idiotic Fox & Friends video" go-to, and Fox & Friends is on somewhat of a tear! Now? They're just asking! why NBC would give...

Mitt Romney Finds Man Who Can Sing ‘America The Beautiful’ Worse Than He Can

And (no surprise), it's alleged vote frauder Meat Loaf! Let us relive the glory days of Ol' Miffed Romney's beauteous version for Olds, after the jump. Well, that was terrible. You're welcome.